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Ceramic tile of toilet

by:JIABANG     2021-01-09

there are many styles of bathroom decoration, today we are going to introduce rural style, so the pastoral style, the ceramic tile of toilet is? Let's see together. ( of toilet)

different family size of toilet, for small space of the bathroom, can choose a few high transparency when choosing ceramic tile ceramic tile, which can make use of the reflective properties of ceramic tile to create visual illusion. This makes the bathroom looks more big, and the color of ceramic tile chose the light colored, contains some of the design of ceramic tile can show the effect of pastoral.

some people have a medium sized bathroom, can accommodate the bathroom and toilet. This type of bathroom can choose warm color decking tile. Warm color should be used in large area, and in some detail, brunet ceramic tile is used to highlight the ceramic tile. Pattern still is given priority to with design, it will make you feel like nature.

to able to accommodate a large bathroom shower, bath and toilet, if whole bathroom choose light color ceramic tile, will appear empty. At this point, through the combination of depth and tonal, the granite floor tiles will use brunet granite floor tiles, metope can choose light color granite floor tiles, such collocation will have very strong administrative levels.

in addition to the size of the color selection of ceramic tile is influential, but also pay attention to the color of the color of ceramic tile and sanitary products. General toilet and bathroom cabinets are white. Therefore, the selection of ceramic tile can't and there is a big difference in their color, the color of decking tile in the bathroom should be stable, such as green, red color is not suitable.

a pastoral style toilet, not only need the decoration of ceramic tile, need some decoration decoration. Warmth of ceramic tile design idyllic charm, if you want to make the bathroom look more natural flavor, can put some sachets in the bathroom, the adornment such as dried flowers. This will make the bathroom has a faint fragrance. After you have read

you know how to choose the ceramic tile of toilet rural style, hope to help everyone. ( of toilet)

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