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Ceramic tile of the method of ceramic tile to clean

by:JIABANG     2020-12-24

clean decking tile is more common in our daily life work, a lot of housewife think this work is tiring, so ceramic tile with clean?

1: want to know the kitchen toilet paper to oily be soiled its lampblack is more generally speaking, so this time can consider to use this method, is a piece of toilet paper on the ceramic tile, then can consider to spray a little on the toilet paper cleaner, so that oily be soiled quickly automatically is touched, the next you tear up the toilet paper that will clean a lot. 2: vitamin C to ceramic tile, rust stains kitchen bathroom these two areas are often run into water, so after a long time of ceramic tile is easy to produce yellow rust or scale. So this time can consider to use a few grains of vitamin C tablets crushed into powder sprinkled on rust stains, then use water scrub it several times. 3: toothpaste can repair the minor scratches ceramic tile is dirty can brush, so is there some slight scratches? By this time you can use toothpaste, as long as the scratches on the coated with toothpaste, and then use a little soft dry cloth to wipe can repair it well. 4: candles clean ceramic tile aperture the candle daub in place of ceramic tile juncture, to know the candle its surface is more smooth, at the same time can also dropped the crevice of the cleanup. Seams clean oil again, so you can use the general normal detergent scrub. What clean ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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