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Ceramic tile of standardized technology

by:JIABANG     2020-04-02
< / p> < p> 1, in addition to very crucial < / p> < p> the so-called, is metope and ground, there are some construction personnel in the process of gradually shop sticks ceramic tile, have oil dirt is not what to do in addition to, the location of the hair not hair, can this floor tile is combined with metope, ground, tight? Also have a kind of phenomenon, metope empty drum outdoor ceramic tile itself is serious, but that had been discovered, such as after a wallpapering found empty drum ceramic tile, the metope of construction workers say you is not good, this an empty drum ceramic tile pan he not back. < / p> < p> 2, floor tile water without < / p> < p> mixed mortar bonding strength in concrete with water to produce stable compounds, so it is very important to say water especially, cement mortar under the condition of less water, it is easy to produce empty drum ceramic tile. While most of the floor tile of strong water absorption, prevent moisture of the floor tile edge in the mixed mortar suck, must let floor tile to drink enough water. Floor tile askew, completely not into the water, in the process of construction, is likely to be found to have water construction personnel directly on the floor tile with the plastic pipe, or a floor tile not into is not complete, it is lazy. , of course, not all of the brick must bubble water, water absorption rate was less than 1% of the floor tile do not need to bubble water, such as glazed pottery is also can use thin stick a process of common don't need to bubble water. < / p> < p> according to the steps of construction work and technological process, first, get to the top wall, wall before, should be first to stick wall brick. Spread out, if the first tile, floor tile, need to wait for a while to spread slowly ground floor tile, time is money. , and first in the whole process of waiting for you to stick wall brick, the dirt off the earth, are inevitable to scratch floor tile, environmental health is not good do chores, blocking against the stench, floor drain is inconvenient. Now that commonly will bo changes a brick wall on the interior decoration, bo changes a brick or glazed ceramic tiles on the wall, the standardization of the construction technology is a thin stick. < / p> < p> shop shop dry, wet, only the actual operation process, if the construction team return skills into the home, floor tile, and should be firmly stick together, so that quality should is the same. Just according to the different phenomenon, should choose technology is different also. Generally speaking, the metope brick can only wet brick, floor tile with dry wet method are all able to shop is stuck, but relatively large floor brick, because flatness is higher, and rightly is dry laying method. < / p> < p -数据 Markdown = '#'> 5, wall pressure, or pressure wall < / p> < p> the best choice is the wall pressure processing technology, to stick wall brick, from bottom to top, but the following a row won't stick, such as floor tile stick well, to stick wall brick row below. Because of the cabinet who humid, water vapor is very easy to set on the floor tile, drops down the floor tile, wall under the condition of pressure, water will flow on the surface of floor tile, then along the floor tile to deodorize floor drain. It is not easy to leak the waterproof layer under the floor, larger level could increase the waterproof layer. < / p> < p>
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