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Ceramic tile of metope maintenance with what method

by:JIABANG     2021-01-08

ceramic tile because it fully and bright and received a lot of families like it, but the ceramic tile with for a long time will also be worn condition, this needs us to maintain the good, to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile of metope maintenance with what method?

a, caulking agent against dirt mildew proof ceramic tile not filled seam an agent would be easy to peel, water seepage, and aperture adsorption ceramic tile, soiled oil pollution or falling dust will stick tile press in 48 hours after caulking agent can effectively prevent these problems. Second, the article kok Yang Angle line edges cover defects can protect tile Angle and beautification and conceal defects of decking tile juncture, recommended to choose the material of stainless steel, because of the aluminum alloy soft construction deformation slightly impact extrusion. 3, waxing the beautiful prolong the service life of the shop after good ceramic tile dozen wax can improve its waterproof antifouling sex, each 2 - 3 months for a ceramic tile can let home lasting beautiful, prolong service life. 8 hours after waxing not trample on its surface. Four, prevent oil sticker protection kitchen wall outdoor wood deck tiles easy dirty and difficult to clean the kitchen ceramic tile, brick with a long time will fade. Around in the kitchen, oil absorption, cooking area such as ceramic tile on oil pollution prevention stickers can avoid the trouble oh. of metope and maintenance with what method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details. What methods ceramic tile clean

glaze ceramic tile, including ceramic tile and glazed ceramic tile, two ground floor cleaning methods are the same, let us together to see what methods ceramic tile clean:

1. Clear daily ceramic tile, can use clear water or soap water to cooperate, but avoid using acid lotion to clean ceramic tile, otherwise easy to cause yellow ceramic tile. 2. If you meet difficult to clean up the stain, then to determine whether it is appear small cracks in the decking tile, we want to avoid direct with a stiff brush and sandpaper friction surface of ceramic tile, can cut ceramic tile surface. 3. You can use a special detergent to clean ceramic tile ceramic tile, so that we can make ceramic tile is more durable and beautiful. After cleaning to maintain, the ceramic tile with car wax evenly daub on the ceramic tile, reoccupy soft polishing materials. 4. No glaze ceramic tile floor to a lost wax and wax once again, rinse off with clear water after dewaxing. What are ceramic tile cleaning method is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the ceramic tile brand for details.

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