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Ceramic tile of choose and buy will be traps

by:JIABANG     2020-12-11

now about choose ceramic tile of good and evil people mixed up, opinions vary, the ceramic tile of choose and buy these common pitfalls, don't believe it!

error 1: ceramic tile more thick more strong some students blindly some merchant's false propaganda, think more thick more sturdy, ceramic tile, in fact this is a kind of wrong understanding. is strong depends on its hardness, and hardness is directly affected by the density of bricks, so is not ceramic tile is thicker, the greater the hardness but a certain volume of ceramic tile, the greater the density, ceramic tile will be strong. Erroneous zone 2: certificate of quality, the higher the more many businesses in one small corner hidden in a pile of qualification certificates and test reports, use these to confuse we don't know these decorate a small white. But real or fake as a consumer, and unable to distinguish between, hard to avoid is cheated! So when we buy ceramic tile, or find more secured formal channels. Myth 3: the more expensive the better quality of ceramic tile price is uneven, the unit price of every square metre is less a few yuan, more than a few hundred yuan, plus a lot of students knowledge of ceramic tile, will be with you is good, in fact the general specification, the less routine the more expensive; The deeper the color the more expensive ( The same color, the color deep high price about 50 yuan) ; The pattern more clear more expensive. of choose and buy error is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

what color decking tile of choose and buy good

there are a lot of ceramic tile market, and ceramic tile also is divided into a lot of color, each color can be spread in different places, to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile of choose and buy what color?

1。 Brown: this color has a stronger flavor restoring ancient ways, such as deep color in the kitchen cabinets or condole ark, can build a very strong feeling restoring ancient ways. In fact, no matter use what color of granite floor tiles, should accord with the integral style of the bedroom. 2. Shallow blue, shallow blue granite floor tiles is applicable to the Mediterranean style houses, the design of blue and white attune can bring people a feeling of in the ocean, pure and fresh and soft, make the person's mood relax. 3. A bit like black, dark green, dark green granite floor tiles if laid in the bathroom, can show the simple design of toilet. But the color is more prominent, so be careful when collocation, should be well and actual domestic outfit style unifies. What color of decking tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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