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Ceramic tile of choose and buy what skills are included

by:JIABANG     2021-05-23

in our household ceramic tile is occupies very important position in life, as long as it is to decorate will need to use ceramic tile, so to speak. So now a lot of people are undertaking decorating is very importance to the selection of ceramic tile. A good ceramic tile is the icing on the cake, can give the household environment of ceramic tile and daily supplies, is not to say that I don't like can be better. So it is very important to choose a ceramic tile. Next, let's look at the ceramic tile of choose and buy skills are included?

a, see ceramic tile surface, the higher the gloss, sintering density that shows ceramic tile, the better. Good ceramic tile, glazed presents a glittering and translucent and transparent feeling, in the light under the irradiation of light like a mirror reflection, poor ceramic tile, glazed is bleak. Second, listen to the voice is good or bad, with one hand five fingers apart, another hand knock decking tile surface. Good ceramic tile is the voice of the high density is more clear, lively; The ceramic tile with less density low sound more depressing. Third, good ceramic tile is not afraid of fall, a good ceramic tile, after a face to face with the vertical fall there won't be any damage, this is decided by the strength of decking tile. The ceramic tile with good ceramic tile strength, poor strength is low, a cast will be broken. Four, good ceramic tile weight is bigger, good ceramic tile density high, weight are heavier, more real, uniform thickness, edge horn without defects such as skip feet. Poor quality of ceramic tile is relatively light weight. Five, the ceramic tile is bibulous the experiment, a good ceramic tile after high temperature firing, bibulous rate is low, the water on in ceramic tile, won't appear the phenomenon of diffusion, basically that shows ceramic tile not bibulous. But poor ceramic tile, water fall, there will be obvious water absorption reaction. Six endurance test, ceramic tile, ceramic tile good dangling, people stood on the ceramic tile, if there is no damage or cracking, ceramic tile is basically shows the bearing strength of ceramic tile is very good. Poor ceramic tile is easy to disconnect or cracking, unable to bear the weight of the heavier. Seven, corrosion wear resistance experiment, with write with a pen on the outdoor wood deck tiles leave traces, try using ordinary cloth to wipe, remove dirt, don't leave a mark, shows that the corrosion resistance of ceramic tile. With the common key force was carried out on the surface of the outdoor wood deck tiles row mop, surface leave no scratches, outdoor wood deck tiles of high resistance to wear. Eight, choose a good base, good is the color of the bottom slab is meters between white and yellow color, if present slant yellow or black base color, shows that the product contains impurities, too much is not a good product. Through introducing the above articles, everyone including those for the ceramic tile of choose and buy skills? Should be know about it. Brand is actually very good ceramic tile, ceramic tile quality is also very good, and design also many, you can do a reference when buying ceramic tile. But now many ceramic tile on the market of fake goods, before buying must master skills of selection, helps to buy good quality ceramic tile.

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