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Ceramic tile of choose and buy what are the pitfalls?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-17

recently, small make up the receipt, many owners will receive about promoting the sale of ceramic tile telephone harassment, in order to avoid all these ceramic tile telephone harassment of cheating, and so on. Small make up have come to make sure we collected some information about the ceramic tile, hope can help to you.

ceramic tile of choose and buy what error

error 1, buy more goods return very trouble

ceramic tile is one of the first to advocate at the site, so at the beginning of the decoration to choose and buy, booking. But how many there will be some measurement error before construction, many designers, sales people will suggest the consumers to buy more. Many consumers think it is a kind of sales approach, in order to improve the turnover. Even though some consumers understand this kind of behavior, also due to worry about return of the rejected.

resolution: in addition to the hard to avoid in practical construction of normal wear and tear, found in the construction of decking tile is not enough to buy again, will there is a color difference because of different furnace production, or need to wait for the supply of goods and delay the construction period. Consumers in the decking tile of choose and buy for the first time to buy some more is better, wall outdoor wood deck tiles and granite floor tiles are usually in more out of the shop is stuck with a total area of 5% It is advisable to 8%. Brand ceramic tile can return as stipulated in the contract, consumers don't need to worry too much.

special attention: for reasonable return, replenishment, brand decking tile are generally there is no problem. However, ceramic tile manufacturers usually specified in the contract return, time limit, the replenishment for 30 days and 60 days commonly, each brand of time is different, need to ask in advance. In addition, for the elimination of the product, the manufacturer will do the discount, but will clearly indicate its offerings, and remind consumers to buy the quantity of surplus when buy. Consumers also ask whether products are plentiful, avoid the shop is stuck, it found that not enough is unable to replenishment. Especially pay attention to when buying small plant products, a salesman may not all don't know whether a product is plentiful, need to be alert to the choose and buy.

that's small make up for everybody finishing some knowledge about ceramic tile, hope we can have a good reading these materials to avoid when meet this kind of ceramic tile telephone again be deceived.

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