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Ceramic tile of choose and buy tips

by:JIABANG     2020-12-16

most of the first to get the house owner, decoration, kitchen, bathroom, living room and so on all need to decking tile, however, that most of the owner is decorating the house for the first time, to decorating knowledge can be said to be empty, for these troubles, small make up specially compiled some tips to decking tile of choose and buy, hope can help to everyone on the ceramic tile of choose and buy.

know decking tile 1, bo changes a brick, hardness is the highest of any tile

bo changes a brick, bibulous rate is usually lower than 0. 3% of porcelain tiles, ceramic tile in the hardness of the highest class of products.

2, polishing brick is a kind of bo changes a brick, with high brightness and high degree of finish

polishing brick: the surface of the polishing brick is much more bright and clean, and has the characteristics of hard wear-resisting.

3, archaize outdoor wood deck tiles has the beauty of classical

archaize brick: archaize brick is evolved from CaiYouZhuan, mainly with the classical unique charm to attract people's eyes.

4, glazed tile: refers to the surface of the tile burning glaze layer of brick of pottery and porcelain ( Are generally metope brick, ceramics) 。

5, the glazed ceramic tile: its brightness is far higher than that of polishing brick, and imitation marble texture, texture is rich, colorful and bright

2, after meet tile, tile that how should we choose?

1, see

good quality of brick of pottery and porcelain glaze is smooth, delicate, luster glaze were shining brilliantly, matt glaze is soft and comfortable.

2 quilting,

good quality tile size deviation is smaller.

3, weigh in hand

ok one phase modulation products, the weight of the same specifications of brick of pottery and porcelain, weight big bibulous rate is low, the inner quality is better also.

4, knock, hear

tapping the tile, fine listen to sounds, better product quality sound ringing pleasing to the ear.


drop experiment. May drop on the back of the tile, watch out in the water after the invasion of speed, the slower the water, explain to the density of the brick is higher, the quality is better; Whereas density is sparse.

ceramic tile of choose and buy small doohickey actually there are many, in this small make up not listed one, mainly depends on everyone in normal times, many observations, ask more, listen more, learn the experience of others, more practice, we naturally learn some more tips of ceramic tile of choose and buy decorate for us will be as a god.

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