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Ceramic tile of choose and buy skills

by:JIABANG     2020-08-05
Now, everyone in the selection of magnetic beads, first thought must be quality of ceramic tile, ceramic tile directly affected by the quality of our experience. Below on the subject of through outdoor ceramic tile quality to tell you about how to choose the good good ceramic tile.

choose ceramic tile of the myth have?

1, the ceramic tile is as thick as possible: the thickness of a ceramic tile is not good or bad because it, but in its texture. At present, the development direction of international building ceramic tile products are light, thin, strong, durable.

2, there is light brick don't skid: have finish high light brick, brick surface smoothness is good, can contact with sole fully, thus increasing the brick of friction surface and sole, prevent slippery effect.

3, matte brick is not easy to clean: matte glaze layer on the surface of the brick through special processing, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, not dirty, easy to clean.

how to choose ceramic tile decorating?

how to choose ceramic tile decorating, mainly divides into four parts:

1, choose granite floor tiles should distinguish between space, when selecting a granite floor tiles, on the material to be different. is divided into two kinds of polished tile, glazed brick, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, also called bo changes a brick, its characteristic is good abrasion resistance, no flooding, etc. , due to the relatively smooth and beautiful, so in the sitting room and dining-room use up is better, and relatively easy to wipe.

glazed tile and lens face brick, the characteristics of skid resistance is good, the more the water prevent slippery effect is better, but need to pay attention to is glazed tile sensitive to dust, which prevent slippery effect is abate, kitchen and toilet due to wet easily, good use of glazed tile.

2, understand the essential parameters, hardness of outdoor ceramic tile is the main parameter, will directly affect the service life of the ceramic tile, is particularly important.

simple method is a method that can use percussion sound of ringing that inner quality is good, is out of shape not easily broken. Color, size is according to the intuitionistic judgement can, broadly in line with a check on a batch of the color of ceramic tile, can better split together, color difference is small, neat size is top grade. Technology function identification, of course, not just by feeling, also must see the certification certificate of manufacturer, generally speaking, technology standard of the products have the certificate issued by the state. There is another important parameter is the wear-resisting degree, from low to high is divided into five degrees, five degrees belong to super durable,

about the selection of ceramic tile, more important still is everybody's practice, the so-called knowledge comes from practice, only we to get to know more, watch, will choose to your satisfactory products.

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