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Ceramic tile of choose and buy should pay attention to what place

by:JIABANG     2020-12-15

to buy a house is big, after buying a house, decorate will be on the agenda, and decorate ceramic tile of choose and buy is inevitable. What should ceramic tile of choose and buy is a problem, the ceramic tile of choose and buy should pay attention to what place?

1。 Though the brand does not necessarily mean quality brand choice, but good brand, after all, through the test of the market that most consumers in the quality of its products can be approved. And big brand products, technology is more mature, management more standard, the quality of the products generally have strict factory to control, relatively more reliable. Take a step back, big brands of ceramic tile after-sales have more security. Therefore, if the price is not influence factors, then buy ceramic tile decorating matters needing attention, one of is in the price of similar cases, try to choose the big brands. 2. The situation of the house according to the size of the house, high layer, choose ceramic tile. At the end of the day, ceramic tile is used for decoration of the house, the house is you choose ceramic tile of the matched elements. Such as house door model, can use some design and color is the ceramic tile of heavy and complicated, which can improve taste; Small family, try to choose design and color is less, the granite floor tiles of cold color, appear bright room, the space is large. 3. Consider loss considering the loss situation of ceramic tile. Sure ceramic tile wall, through long * high calculate the total area, if there is aluminous gusset plate condole top, deduct the part above. On this basis, and 5% expected losses, can draw to buy ceramic tile area. With the total area divided by the area of the monolithic ceramic tile, ceramic tile can be calculated on the number of pieces. 4. You must be aware of the color of ceramic tile ceramic tile the brightness of the photo. Remember loss problem, there are concerns. The same brand of same type outdoor wood deck tiles, if not in the same kiln fire, so will the existence of color difference. If two kiln ceramic tile stick together, can be easily distinguished, very affect beautiful. Important, so choose the type of ceramic tile, brand color and batch number also to be reckoned with. of choose and buy something to pay attention to is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

ceramic tile of choose and buy what method should use the

decorate can't avoid this kind of material you use ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of choose and buy has the method, if choose wrong will cause a lot of follow-up questions, so ceramic tile of choose and buy should be in what way?

1。 Anti-slip test: granite floor tiles of choose and buy should pay attention to its non-slip performance, especially families with children and the elderly, so the choose and buy is to do slip resistance test, to avoid safety accident in use. 2. Identify color, surface: choosing floor tile not only depends on its surface, and it remains to be seen whether the color of its opposite is consistent, both the same colour. Also observed on the surface of the light and gloss, brightness is larger, its density is more strong, this kind of brick, abrasion resistance and dirt resistance are good. 3. See size, listen to the voice: when the choose and buy to see if the size of the floor tile is consistent, but where it will appear at the same time become warped edge phenomenon, can put the floor tile on the plane. In addition to discern the stand or fall of decking tile from the audio, in general the quality of the sound is ringing is excellent, it has a high density and strength, and more durable. of choose and buy should use what method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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