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Ceramic tile of choose and buy method 3 ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2021-05-23

floor tile is the main material of decoration materials, and is often known as the floor. Now the brand and design and color is the floor tile market is also more and more, technology is more exquisite, more exquisite we select, the more difficult it is to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile of choose and buy method.

1, listen to the voice. When we are in choosing, can use small wooden hammer on tapping the floor tile, sound is ringing, the quality of the show floor tile, the better. Also can hand to pick up the granite floor tiles of the iceberg, light down, again with the middle and lower parts right index finger tapping the ceramic tile, the more clear voice, explain quality is better. 2, see the appearance. Can also look at the floor tile glaze color uniformity, if floor tile surface smoothness and finish of the better, that the quality of the floor tile, the better. 3, drop test. Drop experiment is also the most common and one of the most convenient method, we can drip on some on the back of the tile, look at the drop of water after water out, immersed in speed, the slower the water, the greater the density, that shows ceramic tile quality is better, if the speed of absorbing water faster, show the density of granite floor tiles of sparse, poor quality. of choose and buy method is introduced to here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

ceramic tile method of ceramic tile of choose and buy is how to buy

as everybody knows, is of vital importance to the ceramic tile is the ground is decorated house materials, is also a family often need to use, so choose the decking tile of good quality are the owners of that nots allow to ignore. So ceramic tile is how to buy?

1。 Check the flatness owners would put two pieces of the same species of ceramic tile opposite fold together, and the four corners to alignment, and then turn the one piece, in general, easy to turn the piece of ceramic tile quality is poorer, and not easy to turn the piece of ceramic tile quality is better. However, this method is generally suitable for detection of archaize brick. 2. Bibulous rate is in fact, bibulous rate is an important factor detection of ceramic tile quality. As long as we pour a glass of water, on the opposite side of the ceramic tile water disappear fast means that its bibulous rate is very high, quality of a material is also more loose, and strength is weaker, whereas the opposite. 3. The surface finish is an important factor detection of ceramic tile quality stand or fall. We can put the protective wax on the surface of the polishing outdoor wood deck tiles reagent clean, put them in the sun, a 45-degree Angle of view, on the surface of the brighter the elucidation of its quality, the better. to introduce how to choose and buy is here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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