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Ceramic tile of choose and buy issue

by:JIABANG     2021-05-23

here are a few ceramic tile sales staff to give to us about the content of the ceramic tile of choose and buy, from these ceramic tile sales staff Suggestions for we can learn a lot of skills about ceramic tile of choose and buy. Here is to look at it together.

1, the origin of ceramic tile

we hear more commonly is guangdong outdoor wood deck tiles, especially foshan kaolin is the best raw materials of ceramic tile production, however, not all of the ceramic tile manufacturers in guangdong, in fact, the ceramic tile of guangdong local manufacturers are more than 200, but most of the ceramic tile on the market sell manufacturer said their brick is guangdong brick, he now most is only registered a tile company in guangdong, and the site of factory built in other places, to produce decking tile also is not what guangdong brick.

at the time of identifying, we can simply look at the back of the ceramic tile, if it is gray, then could be guangdong brick.

2, the budget price of ceramic tile is fishy

there are a lot of businesses, in a low price you quoted, first to attract you, but we when buying ceramic tile, need to pay attention to a 15% of the normal wear and tear, plus the price of the part of the loss, and have a look.

3, designers can't believe all

ceramic tile shop more with less, sometimes also is affected by the designer, such as a 80 * 80 ceramic tile, at the bottom of the place where we can divided into two parts, divided into 80 * 40 tile to use, but if the designer to get into 80 * 45, the ceramic tile of the remaining 80 * 35 to wasted, not to spend a lot of money?

4, the processing of ceramic tile

there are times when we have ceramic tile processing are needed, in some cases, the processing fee is ceramic tile boutique collection, then the middle link, it will exist a lot of problems, find a manufacturer for ceramic tile is the processing fee, typically a few meters according to a few meters to calculate, but ceramic tile shop to you, can be calculate by a knife, a few knife knife, that much is the price difference, several thousand dollars and disappeared, just like that.

5, imported brick is not necessarily the

now many people have blind faith in what the import of good, ceramic tile, of course, also have the import, but there are many brands of ceramic tile, register a name in the outside, and then in the domestic production of ceramic tile, sold to customers as the import. In fact homebred ceramic tile also nothing bad, don't have to be infatuated with the import.

that's small make up to you to sort out the ceramic tile of sales personnel to some advice on the ceramic tile of choose and buy, want to be able to help you.

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