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Ceramic tile microlite

by:JIABANG     2021-01-05

microlite often as ceramic tile ceramic tile, granite floor tiles, part of the background wall, the ceramic tile of contrast now often has the good transparency, beautiful wait for an advantage, let's know the ceramic tile of microcrystal detail. ( microlite)

microcrystalline glass in industry is known as microcrystalline glass composite panels. It is a combination of 3 to 5 mm glass ceramic in ceramic fossil vitrification surface, after the second sintering fully integrated high-tech products. Say simply, microcrystalline and other ceramic products is the biggest difference between the surface with a layer of microcrystalline glass.

microlite is a kind of material, through the burning of crystallization at high temperature, similar to the granite. In terms of appearance texture, polishing plate surface finish is far higher than that of the stone, luminosity can reach 90 - 120 sheen. More important is characterized by its special structure of microcrystalline allowed to emit light from any Angle. Microcrystalline particles after the diffuse reflection, the light can be evenly distributed to any Angle, make the plate forming soft yuwen, softer than natural stone more glittering and translucent, make buildings more rich and colorful.

micro crystal production technology can according to need to produce rich and colorful color series, especially the crystal white, beige and light grey.

white bast four color system is the most fashionable and most popular. At the same time, can make up the defects of natural stone color, the products are widely used in hotel, office building, station, airport and other internal and external decoration, more suitable for family, senior decoration, such as basin of wall, floor, decorative panels, furniture, plate, etc.

as the chemical stability of inorganic crystal materials, microlite contains glass matrix structure. The acid, alkali and corrosion resistance is superior to the natural stone material, especially the weather is more outstanding, not by the sun for a long time. Fade, not under power.

microlite bibulous rate is low, is almost zero. All kinds of dirt pulp and dyeing liquid permeability and permeability. Attached to the dirt on the surface of the building also is easy to remove and clean, especially convenient for cleaning and maintenance of buildings.

microcrystalline decking tile also has a lot of brands, but you'd better choose the big brands to buy, although a little bit expensive, but comfortable and safe.

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