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Ceramic tile maintenance method master can make ceramic tile 'relation'

by:JIABANG     2020-08-23

believes that many people have the same trouble, the ceramic tile of home long will break or fall off now, light tinkering, serious, but also renovated, but whether repair or renovation, is a very troublesome thing, in order to avoid this, should we do when the shop installs completes the protective measures, so how to do? The following will introduce master can make ceramic tile ceramic tile maintenance method 'of workblanks'. '

ceramic tile of workblanks' artifact one: use article kok benefits: can either protect horn, ceramic tile and decorative cover lack of outdoor ceramic tile seam article kok, the line of ceramic tile is a kind of protection Angle ( Also called Yang horn line) , side plate shaped, insert during the construction of the wall, to show this side of the fan cover the ceramic tile Yang Angle, color is golden, rose gold, silver, stainless steel mirror, such as color of materials for plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, PVC several commonly.

traditional tile Yang general for right Angle, the home has children family can pour thick ceramic tile of choose and buy is tie-in arc corner protector to solve safety problems. Stainless steel material selection advice protect horn, aluminum alloy article kok material is qualitative soft, slight collision or extrusion in the construction process, and deformation will sag. In addition to protecting the ceramic tile Angle, corner protector can also beautify and cover defects in ceramic tile, such as some irregular cross-section, ceramic tile to perfect juncture, Yang Angle of the joint article corner protector can be cover. '

ceramic tile of workblanks' second artifact: caulking agent benefits: high antifoulant, strengthening the bathroom mouldproof

granite floor tiles is generally not easy to mildew and dirt, dirt because most of the ceramic tile ceramic tile the gaps between the moldy or fall off dust, traditional construction multi-purpose ceramic tile cement, silicon likang instead of caulking agent even without seam filling agent, in fact as long as at the time of ceramic tile construction use with good caulking agent can prevent this problem.

caulking agent using the most appropriate time for tile stick after 48 hours, the grit removal of outdoor wood deck tiles joints before construction, construction environment to keep ventilation and dehumidification, will be used during the construction of material and pressed paint fill in the gaps of soil, then tile tailings can be clear.

caulking agent can also be used to fill the gap was peeling, just color might be slightly uneven. Quality of caulking agent on the use effect is quite important, caulking agent currently on the market with cement, silica gel, cement latex, epoxy resin, such as four major categories, most caulking agent to add latex, improve wear resistance, viscosity and elasticity. '

ceramic tile of workblanks' artifact three: wax

benefits: improve waterproof antifouling sex, maintain bright, prolong service life do not think that only need to wax the floor, ceramic tile wax actually is also a good way to protect material! Good ceramic tile after playing a layer of wax can improve its waterproof, anti-fouling, don't bother polishing wax can intervals of 2 - 3 months time, only need to do four times a year can make the ceramic tile of lasting home beautiful, prolong service life.

pay attention to wax floor tile surface clean wax surface processing again, will apply wax on the floor tile, usually within 8 hours after waxing not to tread on the surface, wait for dry. If ceramic tile edge or tiny breaks between them, can use white latex will drop a small portion of the paste.

if they are waxing again, you need to use wax removal agent processing. Evenly pour wax removal agent after about 15 minutes, wait for dewaxing agent into the ceramic tile, the tile splashed with water, and finally to waxing, ceramic tile go to bling bling! Small make up summary: old saying 'nip in the bud, and its ongoing problems to solve, not will trouble killed in the bud, ceramic tile maintenance is to be done, but early step to do a good job of ceramic tile protection is always more beneficial, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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