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Ceramic tile is why bubble water, bubble soon right?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-12
Decorate in the ceramic tile before the shop is stuck, the teacher will call the owner to prepare a big basin, and then filled with water in it, then tile bubble in the water, so why ceramic tile bubble water? How long and ceramic tile bubble water right? Just follow below small make up together and see it! is why bubble water: ceramic tile why bubble water? Because there are a lot of small space inside ceramic tile, they all have certain water imbibition. If not bubble water or insufficient bubble water is directly the shop is stuck, ceramic tile can inhale the moisture in cement, make ceramic tile appeared gap connect with cement, glue rickety, resulting in the empty drum, fall off the problem such as ceramic tile, so the ceramic tile must first bubble water in front of the shop is stuck. How long ceramic tile bubble water right: because the water absorption of ceramic tile is different, so there is no a specific standard. But make sure ceramic tile 'full', the water is no longer bubbled. Also, according to the weather to decide, the monsoon humidity is big, can reduce the time of appropriately. In summer the weather is dry, adding time. How to tile bubble water: when the bubble water, must will all submerged ceramic tile. But there are some irresponsible construction group, decking tile will be matched up with water to pour water above, it can only be wetted ceramic tile, ceramic tile is not fully 'full', therefore, after the shop is stuck is easy to appear all sorts of problems. Improper bubble water will drop a porcelain, ceramic tile of birdbath, be sure to glaze, ceramic facing down. Down if glaze, ceramic tile is touched, very easy to fall. In addition, the bricks from the scoop in the basin, the ground mat carton, the ceramic tile glaze upward, back against the wall, so as not to knock against porcelain. Which tile need bubble water, bibulous rate is less than 0. 5% of the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck without bubble water, bibulous rate is generally greater than 10%, glazed tile and granite floor tiles in the shop is stuck must bubble water. according to the water absorption, can be divided into: porcelain tiles or urn-shaped ceramic tile, fine standard brick, standard brick, ceramic tile. , bibulous rate is more than 10%. Standard quality outdoor wood deck tiles, bibulous rate is more than 6% less than or equal to 10%. Fine quality standard, bibulous rate is more than 3% less than or equal to 6%. Urn-shaped porcelain, bibulous rate is greater than zero. 5% less than or equal to 3%. Porcelain tiles, bibulous rate is less than or equal to 0. 5%. Article summary: decking tile why how long is the bubble water and ceramic tile bubble water right knowledge is introduced here.
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