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Ceramic tile is what specification is better

by:JIABANG     2021-01-09

shop sticks ceramic tile, as one of the important link of the family is decorated, granite floor tiles is good or bad directly affects the family is decorated is beautiful and comfortable. So what tile specification is better?

the ceramic tile shop is the ceramic tile shop 600 or 800, or even 1000 ceramic tile or other specification? This is a problem. Now ceramic tile, especially in the sitting room to use ceramic tile is 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm and 1 meter specifications such as ceramic tile, one of the most used is 600 mm and 800 mm of two kinds of ceramic tile, so how to choose? Suggestions according to the area of the ceramic tile shop sticks and furniture. Due to 600 mm in the per unit area of ceramic tile ceramic tile shop sticks number more than 800 mm, so can produce space outspread feeling on the vision, at the same time in the shop is stuck the scrap rate when the edges to the ceramic tile of less than 800 mm, and the space is large, even 1 meter 800 specifications of the ceramic tile to appear the atmosphere, it is recommended that less than 40 square meters space to choose the ceramic tile of 600 mm specifications; And more than 40 square meters space, can choose 800 mm or the decking tile of a meter. It is worth noting that if too much furniture in the room ( Such as bedroom) , covering large pieces of the ground, also had better use 600 mm ceramic tile to the shop is stuck on the ground. If the sitting room furniture sheltered places more, also is the ground, when using the size of the actual visual, if visual area is small, also should consider to use smaller size. what specifications are good is introduced here, and if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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