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Ceramic tile is usually how much money

by:JIABANG     2020-08-25

whether home or tooling, ceramic tile are indispensable decorative materials. Although there still have a lot of material can be used to decorate wall ground, but because of its various kinds ceramic tile, design and color is rich, beautiful atmosphere etc. , and users alike. However, outdoor ceramic tile general how many money?

1, connect body outdoor wood deck tiles

among numerous outdoor ceramic tile, outdoor wood deck tiles that is the most common, and on the market is more a. However, this kind of floor tile retained marble texture on the surface of the ceramic tile, because the embryo coloring materials processing, so has a very good appearance, its quality is also very good, can meet the demand of modern home outfit. It is understood that currently on the market price in 55 - probably 56 yuan.

2, polishing brick,

compared to connect body brick, polishing brick is more simple and generous, not only has the rich texture, and applied to the bedroom can build a three-dimensional effect. In addition, this kind of brick surface also have burnish feeling, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, so favored by consumers. The ceramic tile that general how many money? The price is around 75 - 80 yuan.

3, glazed tile

glazed pottery is also one of them, by using the frequency is quite high. It has imitated natural jade texture and texture is very good, and anti-fouling, wear resistance, long service life, so can well meet the needs of modern home decoration. But compared with the front two kinds, the price of glazed tile will benefit a lot, about 35 - You can get around 50 yuan.

4, archaize brick

as the name implies, the appearance of archaize brick is one of the more primitive simplicity. Because after high temperature and high pressure processing of multi-channel working procedure, the texture is more delicate, but also has high strength, not easy to deformation, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, bibulous rate is low, the radiation characteristics such as small, can be said to be the ideal of modern home outfit. But this kind of ceramic tile general how many money? It will cost to - 26 Fifty-nine yuan.

5, microlite

in addition, there is a granite floor tiles is microlite. With elegant is tonal, fashion and rich artistic breath, and make it has high popularity, among applied to the bedroom is very appropriate. But the price will be a lot higher than archaize brick, on the market price is around 42 - 178 yuan.

outdoor ceramic tile general how many money is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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