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Ceramic tile is tie-in collage how good-looking?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-09
< / p> < p> some of the need to strengthen space can use colorful ceramic tile, outdoor ceramic tile is probably can show a different visual perception of the goods. Between modern bathroom in, there are some white clouds - blue sky as the background - - - - - - Is a beautiful picture. As long as the heart, is good at combination can produce a good works. < / p> < p> the kitchen: a small range of the shop is stuck metope can break the spread way, only in cooking and washing area small shop sticks ceramic tile, and other metope still use coating, and the sitting room, dining-room together perfectly. The color of ceramic tile and bedroom metope, window decoration and furniture, cloth art, stickers collocation is also important, only the harmonious unification, can show the unique charm and taste, let you enjoy in their own space to enjoy life. < / p> < p> the bathroom: different color crisscrossed it should be a place for private, it is our full play playground. You can choose different color ceramic tile crisscrossed, build a dreamy feeling, also can use spell thematic wall ceramic tile, on one side wall, of course, only one or two tiling ornament or a decoration line also can have the effect that make the finishing point. < / p> < p> fashion stick method: play joint model in addition to the brick and the brick pastes is more important, the floor tile and wood joint spread out all sorts of modelling, is also a kind of fashion, both play a role division in effect, also appears no longer dull. Staggered use different color of ceramic tile is also a good way, such as brick using the method of straight shop around, and adopt the method of diagonal inclined shop, among a variety of specifications, a variety of modelling encaustic brick provides you with a full play to think space, become a highlight in the decoration. < / p> < p> try alternating use different ways to shop is stuck is definitely a good way, such as brick using the method of straight shop around, and adopt the method of diagonal inclined shop in the middle. If you are a master of puzzle that is more wonderful. < / p> < p> color and tie-in < / p> < p> blue and green: suitable for restaurant on the ground may let a person experience the pleasure of rural style and comfortable; The wall and floor tile of blue and green series, it is easy to associate the sky profound and prairie vast; Red series of floor tile, the ground look very special, have a kind of magnificent feeling; Gray series of floor tile, more cultural grade and nature amorous feelings; Black and white contrast, may increase the ground the administrative levels and structure. < / p> < p> 2; '> rice: this series is suitable for the sitting room ground floor tile, forever is the mass-tone attune of the sitting room ground, make the bedroom has a kind of grandeur of the noble and elegant; Stone color also is right choice, both plain natural, and appears thick and rich connotation. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p>
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