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Ceramic tile is the seam an agent what is the price?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-08
Beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent is an important product, we are decorating laying granite floor tiles is it makes the perfect ceramic tile laying the indispensable products, building materials market is currently very heavy more products. So beautiful ceramic tile seam an agent price? What beauty ceramic tile seam an agent construction procedure? Along with the below small make up take a look. beautiful seam an agent price how many beautiful seam an agent construction price is influenced by many factors, such as ceramic tile, ceramic tile specifications seam width and ceramic tile surface quality. Here is simply to tell. Glazed decking tile seam width of 1. 5 mm, according to the specifications of different ceramic tile, the price from 16 yuan/square to 306 yuan/square meters. Archaize ceramic tile seam width not 3 mm, according to the specifications of different ceramic tile, the price from 22 yuan/square to 360 yuan/square meters. specifications have 800 * 800, 600 * 600, 300 * 600, 300 * 450, 400 * 400, 300 * 300, 200 * 200, 180 * 180, 160 * 160, 150, 100 * 100 * 150, Mosaic. And according to the different types of construction, the seam an agent construction price also will be different, so the seam an agent construction type is some what? Full fill construction: ceramic tile aperture is empty, nothing inside, direct to fill the seam an agent; 2 * 3 times do you usually do the seam an agent, or even more times; Cost is doubled. Half fill construction: ceramic tile aperture fill, fill the jointing agent; Use clean sewing tools out tile edges ( Used for bonding the seam an agent) ; Depth is about 0. 8mm; Into the seam an agent at a time. Beauty of decking tile seam an agent construction procedure what? 1, processing: outdoor wood deck tiles joints can caulking can not fill in, such as caulking need caulking material completely dry, can undertake the seam an agent construction, seam deep minimum is about 3 mm; 2, cleaning process: before using the seam an agent should be sucked clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner in the ceramic tile aperture, ceramic tile seam on both sides with a towel clean, remove dust, grease and other pollutants, at the same time with clean shovel to remove contaminants on the surface of the ceramic tile. 3, stick: crepe paper if the ceramic tile of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles or pits outdoor wood deck tiles, crepe paper, before the seam surface brick can not stick. Posted when the crepe paper, on the surface of the ceramic tile aperture should keep clean and dry. Crepe paper to stick a side of the gap, in order to guarantee the effect of cross intersections, somehow the line construction Suggestions separated for 24 hours a day. On either side of the crepe paper will cut neatly without burrs, width is not less than 2 cm, stick relay is better but not residual glue. 4, grab a seam: select the color of true porcelain glue, set up the special mixing tube, put on special high quality energy glue gun, squeeze to remove the front 30 g true porcelain glue, make true porcelain glue mixture fully. Mixing tube as possible at the seam vertical to true porcelain and ceramic tile surface glue fills gaps, while walking even, good grasp of the intensity and frequency so that the true porcelain out the glue. 5 - appropriate temperature 38 degrees. Seam 5, rave: if want true porcelain surface has a glue after curing can moderate the circular arc surface, can use special pressure seam steel ball from one end of the brick force along the seam to the other side, and hard to maintain uniform, If you want true porcelain and ceramic tile adhesive cured performance surface as far as possible in a horizontal plane, can use the seam scraper or soft rubber sheet from brick force along the seam at one end to the other end, maintain strength, and do not deviate from the crepe paper to prevent pollution of ceramic tile surface. 6, cleaning, such as the technology of crepe paper, let stand for 5 - 10 minutes. Tear the paper to remove the surrounding beauty true porcelain adhesive seam an agent, wipe the stains. If use of technology of crepe paper, will have to wait until after seam about 3 hours, with clean shovel half solidification of true porcelain glue of ceramic tile surface clean. 7, finished product protection: normal temperature below 25 degrees, table 3 hours, 24 hours using strength, natural curing 7 days. Within 24 hours after the seam to avoid contamination, rain, water, avoid walking on the ground. Edit summary: above is the about decorating a network to provide you the the beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent price and the decking tile seam an agent construction procedure of some Suggestions, the above price is only for your reference!

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