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Ceramic tile is joining together how to do

by:JIABANG     2021-01-02

when it comes to decking tile mosaics, must have a lot of friends should know there are many mysteries in it, after all, if not that difficult tile also rose so high price, this small make up some methods to make a brief introduction of the ceramic tile is patchwork, look at how much you know! ( mosaics)

1。 splicing method of horizontal spread or perpendicular shop

these two methods should be parallel to the wall to joining together, long or wide while aligned to stick with the wall. seam alignment, at the same time with the brick color close to jointing agent processing, look fresh and clean. The shop is stuck method can reflect the effects of imitation marble tile, by weakening the shop is stuck skills to highlight the pattern and style of decking tile itself.

2。 mosaics h brick method

said to h method of the shop is stuck, could have done a lot of woodworking friend impression, in fact, this method is the carpenter's open, therefore, we usually use outdoor wood deck tiles will often use h shop to achieve the result of imitation wood floor. Of course some archaize brick, culture stone, also can use this way. H covered by stretching of visual effect, therefore is suitable for laying in narrow space.

3。 Floor tile matching argyle method

diamond Mosaic tile method actually took the form of 45 degree Angle and wall brick row of inclined shop, the shop is stuck to do inside the Europe type style is common shop law, very suitable for used to show the charm of of primitive simplicity of archaize outdoor wood deck tiles. This shop will make metope and ground administrative levels feeling more intense, the villa is often used to this kind of method in interior design.

4。 mosaics herringbone brick method

the so-called herringbone outdoor wood deck tiles method, namely to the adjacent two pieces of rectangular tiles according to the 90 degree Angle of the shop is stuck, as & other; People throughout the &; As the shape of the word. This shop is stuck method is often to see in the European castle and classic household, at the same time is also very suitable for contemporary and contracted style of the home. “ People throughout the &; Glyph spread with the visual effect of enlarge a space.

overall splicing methods still have a lot of decking tile, ceramic tile is a visible piece of knowledge true and profound! If you want to know more information welcome to continue to focus on the website! Finally thank you for watching! ( mosaics)

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