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Ceramic tile is inclined shop

by:JIABANG     2021-05-25

in decorating a tile, we should have made a lot of distress, buy from brick to brick paving a lot of choice, choice is often made difficult disease, such as ceramic tile shop is stuck, have positive post two kinds, and in fact have their own advantages, but generally speaking before choosing to confirm your interior decorating style is good for you to determine, so decided to ceramic tile inclined shop before should pay attention to what? ( is inclined shop)

1。 First of all, if you decided to take the granite floor tiles of inclined shop, repairing and cutting edge will inevitably cause some damage, so must keep certain attrition rate, when calculate how much to buy ceramic tile bigger budget, to avoid to buy then increase spending.

2。 Before ceramic tile inclined shop, to plan the layout of the whole, are generally center is symmetrical, it looks more beautiful, and increase the stereo feeling, make your house looks bigger than before, this is also a point of inclined shop brick.

3。 Start after the shop is stuck, starting from the middle to both sides, attention when cutting ceramic tile, generally should not be less than a third of the outdoor wood deck tiles. At the same time pay attention to keep the center of the center, to prevent the tilt, otherwise will be particularly ugly, but also particularly is to fix up trouble, it is best one.

4。 Best stay wide seam between decking tile, in seam 3 - Between 8 mm, can reflect the brick texture primitive simplicity, to grasp the size, too large will appear very empty, too tight when the seam is not good.

5, the seam to choose close to brick color or contrast, bad if you can choose color, can choose joker white, especially in the bathroom where, no matter how to tile, choosing a ceramic tile or should choose a bit more solid color just good-looking!

this is the current some matters needing attention about tile inclined shop, learned a lot of things? If think this article can help you in your welcome to continue to focus on website! Finally thank you for watching! ( is inclined shop)

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