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Ceramic tile is how to identify good or bad

by:JIABANG     2021-01-03

ceramic tile in modern society, as the mainstream of decorative materials, wall ground is decorated still a big advocate material, the type, color, design is becoming more and more people tend to feel very difficult before the choose and buy, don't know how to choose, here small make up will introduce how to identify good and bad ceramic tile?

1, bibulous rate if ceramic tile is bibulous rate is too high, the interior will be wet for a long time, serious impact on family health. Therefore, when buying ceramic tile, identification about the water absorption of ceramic tile is very necessary. is bibulous rate is simple detection methods: pour the water directly to examine the pros and cons of ceramic tile flatness. 2, check the flatness of decking tile flatness will directly affect the effect of the shop is stuck, can cause the late after lay good case become warped. Light ceramic tile to broken case become warped, or you may want to put the ceramic tile of broken, buy again. 3, check the straight edge tile edges straight degree can also affect the later of ceramic tile outdoor wood deck tiles and use, if edge horn is not a right Angle, will be between the tile and ceramic tile aperture is very big, want to use a lot of jointing agent to tick off seam, and the effect is very ugly. 4, measure the wear resistance of ceramic tile of wear-resisting degree determines the service life of the ceramic tile, anyone in the see is full of scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, the in the mind will be very uncomfortable. The decking tile of different space, the requirement of abrasion resistance is different also, porch, sitting room, the space of hutch defends a space such as practical frequency is higher, on the wear resistance of ceramic tile is also high. How to identify good ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the ceramic tile brand for details. How clean decking tile

the granite floor tiles of sitting room or bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, its clean and shining, simple to occupy the whole sense has absolute influence directly, so how to clean up? Introduce how to clean ceramic tile below small make up?

first of all, try to avoid there is water on the ground. Home clean floor tile at ordinary times, wipe with wet cloth, to do the step again, otherwise must be footprints. Prevent toilet water, toilet up abandoned the towel, the water is clean, but the towel to wash two or three days. Kitchen zwilling, maintain the ground without oil, and like toilet don't drop down. In addition to squat down to wipe out of other methods in addition, every time is with a wet mop the floor once, again with dry of drag, then wipe off the sole. And shower room and separate shoe is outside, so the water won't get everywhere outside, take a shower in shoes. Now there are many according to granite floor tiles by special research and development of cleaner, should pull the land directly only can, need not rinse again can let a floor look brand-new, and after cleaning with a light faint scent, and don't have to worry about there will be a gooey uncomfortable feeling, solved the consumers. How to clean ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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