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Ceramic tile is how to detect?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-13

when buying ceramic tile, many people will hesitate, because do not know what the good quality of ceramic tile, so this small make up to introduce you to how to make ceramic tile testing, hope can help you better choice suits own ceramic tile!

1。 testing to hear the sound of ceramic tile on

before buying ceramic tile, be sure to take on, generally more ringing sound is good outdoor ceramic tile, dull or husky is ceramic tile. If you have & other; Clicking & throughout; , said there is a crack, it is can't buy. When choosing ceramic tile, ceramic tile can knock listen, is easy to tell. And good quality, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck when construction is very convenient, is not easy to appear loss, and the shop is stuck effect also is very beautiful.

2。 testing measurements

size is one of the standard measure whether the ceramic tile for good ceramic tile, can use measuring tape or ruler to measure the square size of ceramic tile, including diagonal size, thickness, etc. If the side length, diagonal line, equal thickness shows ceramic tile of good quality and won't be any impact on the effect of the shop is stuck. That would be very convenient to ceramic tile construction, but also the use of saving materials.

3。 examination

the most intuitive method is to observe whether level off, the ceramic tile defects, bubbles, impurities and so on, then look at design is complete, have off color; Second look at the bottom of the cutting process, a good ceramic tile is not twisted, defects, and so on and so forth. After checking these, to observe its luster, firing temperature control is very good, ceramic tile can have uniform luster, very beautiful. On the other hand, the ceramic tile is dim, glossiness is poorer, the ceramic tile quality is bad.

4。 of measuring hardness and water imbibition

ceramic tile have good hardness, or in the process of transportation or use is easy to damage. The hardness is not enough, will shorten its service life. Therefore, everyone has obtained the consent of merchants, sharp objects of a hard ceramic tile are available, and there are no scratches that tile hardness is very good, can consider to purchase. Water imbibition can try to add water in it, if not bibulous ceramic tile is good!

this is a few small tips about ceramic tile testing in this period and if you find this article helpful to you, welcome to share with more friends want to know more related content welcome to continue to focus on website!

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