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Ceramic tile is how to classify

by:JIABANG     2021-01-01

there are a lot of kinds, but we don't know what kind of ceramic tile, so we need to understand, we introduce how to classify ceramic tile below small make up?

bo changes a brick tile classification of bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is made of quartz sand and mud according to certain proportion burn becomes a complete ceramic tile. Do not need polishing polished glow, the surface of bo changes a brick is as smooth as glass bright, it is one of the most hard all ceramic tile. Bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is: the advantages of soft colors, environmental protection, brick light, strong corrosion resistance. Disadvantages: due to the material and performance are better bo changes a brick, its cost is relatively high. Glazed tile ceramic tile classification of glazed pottery, glazed tile is made of clay, quartz and feldspar fire. Surface can make all sorts of different pattern and design, because the surface has glaze, its wear resistance is reduced. But the color of the glazed tile pattern rich, specification, easy to clean and prevent slippery, is widely used in our kitchen and toilet. Body brick tile classification of the brick, brick that is the rock debris after high pressure pressing and into. The brick of high hardness, low water imbibition, good abrasion resistance. But relative to outdoor ceramic tile of design and color is very monotonous, but current interior design more and more tend to plain coloured design, connect fully brick use does not lose a kind of fashion. Body brick: the advantages of its positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, wear-resistant, moisture, economical and practical. Disadvantages: stains easy infiltration, and water infiltration. ceramic tile classification of porcelain tiles, ceramic tile is in 0 water imbibition. About 5% of the tiles. has a natural stone texture, at the same time also has a high resistance, high hardness, high wear resistance, and the advantages of small color. It has the luster of the marble, the advantages of porcelain tiles, lighter weight, high strength, chemical stability, acid, abrasion resistance, etc. Mosaic many people should know that there is a kind of ceramic tile Mosaic brick, it takes the characteristics of small and exquisite, glow is widely used in, metope and ground of indoor small area the size outdoor metope and ground. Mosaic due to smaller, can make some puzzles, gradual change effect, by the favour of avant-garde, fashion family. Small stature, changeful specification, rich color, follow one's inclinations collocation for crystal glass Mosaic can play incisively and vividly to the pole. The radiation protection, high temperature resistant, not bibulous. With tonal downy, simple, elegant, beautiful and easy, good chemical stability, cold and hot stability, etc. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, blooming temperature, water resistance, acid resistance shall meet the national standards. But Mosaic tiles have a well-known weakness is caulking, more can't use white cement caulking, clean up relatively trouble. is how to classify is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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