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Ceramic tile is how to choose?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-09

is decorating the ground very important material ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of different will have different decoration effect, we then look at the selection of ceramic tile.

the ceramic tile of different have different functions. of pottery and porcelain can be classified according to the use, can be divided into external tile, wall brick and granite floor tiles, square brick, etc. Exterior wall tiles, that is, the ceramic tile of the sitting room metope USES outdoor, due to the outside wall, request the fouling resistance of ceramic tile is better, and the design of wall brick is relatively more beautiful. , which is posted on the ground floor tile, because they are on the ground, people often step on the above, their good abrasion resistance, easy to clean. Square brick color is simple and compact size. Also belong to the wear-resisting brick, has the characteristics of the prevent slippery, wear-resisting.

molding into dry pressing molding brick, brick, plastics extrusion molding. Dry pressing brick is ceramic and metal powder to be included in the model, with the pressure makes it a density embryo. This kind of ceramic tile good water imbibition. after high temperature extrusion, the harmful substance content is low, ceramic tile is a kind of environmental protection. Mold is made of plastic clay brick tiles, have stronger plasticity and high moisture content.

look at this scale. Length, width and thickness of the error should be small. Method is to take a few bricks on the ground, strict proof of seam error is small, good quality. Glazed pottery is made of high temperature firing porcelain clay, through second firing into the glaze, product surface color is rich, glittering and translucent get rid of. Ordinary brick ( Also called vitreous brick, polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, etc. ) Is made from cutting through the high pressure, the surface polishing can be compared with the stone material hardness, bibulous rate is low. Commonly used the ceramic tile species widespread, including Mosaic, high-temperature ceramic tile, floor tile, etc. Mosaic is one of the least of all the outdoor ceramic tile, commonly known as brick. Normally just shop at home kitchen, bathroom, etc. , because of its small size, flooring, not easy to slip, slide especially suitable for the environment. High temperature ceramic tile is a kind of high temperature and high pressure ceramic tile. It is commonly used in the ceramic tile of laid floor has higher wear resistance. In general, high temperature and the surface of the brick is smooth, but the poor quality of the surface of the brick, after special treatment, even with water, also not easy to skid. Most of the ceramic tile is made up of glaze and the brick plate. If material is not good or wear for a long time, the surface of the glaze will scratch or fall off, exposed on the outdoor wood deck tiles at the bottom of the board, beyond repair. Underlying brick to make up for this shortcoming, this kind of brick is made of the same material, no matter, at the bottom of the surface, even if broken, will not show another kind of color material, affect beautiful, and the outdoor wood deck tiles anti-wear ability is strong, for walking in the power of local use.

choose ceramic tile of the first is to see you buy, the second is aesthetic.

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