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Ceramic tile is how thick enough?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-16

in general is divided into many kinds of outdoor ceramic tile, in addition to this, when the internal decoration note also distinguish different room to use the ceramic tile also is to have a limited amount of thickness and specification, this small make up to simple about room should choose the ceramic tile of different much thick enough, hope you can help to you!

1。 How thick the sitting room, dining-room granite floor tiles

the sitting room is one of the largest local area covers an area of a home, so the floor tile of the sitting room also choose bigger size generally, usually in the form of the floor tile of 600 mm or 800 * 800 mm, the size of the specific to see, if sitting room area is particularly big, also can consider the ceramic tile of 1000 * 1000 or above. Thickness, want to consider a heavy, you are a bit heavy on the living room, power must be under pressure.

2。 Porch floor tile how thick

porch place affect feng shui is a home, choose the ceramic tile must first look at the pattern of porch, is to open the door to see if the sitting room, the family of the restaurant, the porch is no need to separate different specifications of the size, can use the edge around a circle, let a space look more independent, for independent porch area is slightly larger can do independent spelling a flower modelling, while smaller would choose the floor tile of 300 * 300 mm or 300 * 600. The ceramic tile here don't have to choose too thick can also enough.

3。 How thick the bedroom ceramic tile

because the bedroom is a place of rest, a little personal are suggested to use wood floor laid directly, but considering the wood floor is bad to do, graph save trouble, also can choose to stick floor tile, so the bedroom to stick floor tile, ceramic tile specification is usually 400 * 400 mm, 600 * 600 mm. Thickness is not very big.

a few of the more important place of ceramic tile specifications and thickness selection is introduced here, if you have other doubt welcome in our official website for related queries, should help to your answer.

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