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Ceramic tile is how opening?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-14

believe that a lot of people are decorating all must work hard in ceramic tile, such as hole is one of the ceramic tile, if anything, is to do the threading or drainage, but whether you are aware of the ceramic tile the opening position is what? This small make up to make a brief introduction of ceramic tile aperture.

1。 The first thing to do is to going to punch the outdoor ceramic tile with marker pen mark good location ( Had better choose paste) And as packing tape, fixed well.

2。 Then use a hammer and the sample ( No large steel nails are available, and remember to also calls the masonry nail of steel nails, and cannot use nails) Out of the diameter of about 2 - the markup 3 mm smaller, make ceramic tile surface enamel, such ability can be smoothly below the operation! !

3。 Choose the required diameter drill bit mount impact hammer, vertical alignment points and give appropriate pressure to start the impact hammer, feeding shoulds not be too large, slow to force can smoothly through the ceramic tile. After being through the ceramic tile can feed to the required depth. If you want to fixed objects, with the expansion bolt according to the required bolt size to choose the required impact hammer drill. Must pay attention to here, if you don't choose suitable size of the drill bit can cause irreparable consequences.

4。 After good hole, choosing the appropriate expansion pipe and install the required embedded objects can with screws, it is accomplished!

simply the ceramic tile opening operation is a bit complicated, if you also want to do a perfect ceramic tile aperture it is best to find a few more experienced expert comparison, finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( aperture)

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