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Ceramic tile is generally how much is the charge of the shop is stuck

by:JIABANG     2020-12-02

is our every household has a ceramic tile, ceramic tile buy back to the shop is stuck, and the shop is stuck is a science, introduce below small make up on ceramic tile shop sticks what is typically the cost?

1, the shop is stuck specification ceramic tile specifications and the shop is stuck costs also have a certain relationship. Now the family of the specifications of the ceramic tile generally divided into: ground brick 800 * 800 mm, 600 * 600 mm, 300 * 300 mm, wall tiles 300 * 450 mm, 300 * 600 mm. Usually stickup ceramic tile also should according to the specifications and the part of the paste to decide. The smaller ground outdoor wood deck tiles is the price of the specifications, the higher the price, metope brick, too. Because metope outdoor wood deck tiles is smaller, the greater the difficulty of construction. joints of docking, vertical roughness is more difficult to grasp, workers spend hours more. Also consider the room construction, to the difficulty of the Yin and Yang Angle is how much, how many Windows, edge grinding or on the external Angle bar. If it is not the owner required special specification of ceramic tile. A family to decorate the shop is stuck the price should be in the range of 2335 yuan / ㎡. If it is a special specifications, such as 300 * 800 mm, 150 * 150 mm, the price will come with worker specific consultations. 2, labor and material cost a family to decorate shop sticks ceramic tile also consider two factors, one is artificial cost, the other is the cost of raw materials. Handling: brick floor tile is a technical work, so everyone can't stingy, in terms of labor so as not to do more harm than good. In general, the artificial cost at least 30 yuan per square meter of floor tile, if the economy with higher levels of urban artificial cost will be higher. Materials: materials in addition to the cost of the floor tile also includes cement mortar, etc. Commonly used low granite floor tiles is about every piece of between 5 and 50 yuan, a little bit of your words is 100 yuan to 300 yuan, and as some specifications larger or special material of floor tile price is in 300 yuan to 1000 yuan. The thickness, material quality is good or bad, whether the rust of ceramic tile, etc. , the price is also far. Generally low more than 30 square, high of more than 200 square. Above the shop is stuck, of course, the price also has something to do with the price of the accessories, if material prices have to rise, then the price will also change, and with the ceramic tile of the specifications of the brand is different, the price also has difference, the more expensive the price of the decking tile in the shop is stuck is also more expensive. General how much is the cost of ceramic tile shop is stuck, is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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