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Ceramic tile is clean?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-26

many owners in began to decorate with some video to know about the knowledge of decking tile ceramic tile. Video about ceramic tile, we also highly recommend everyone when decorate to get to know a lot of. Is below small make up from the ceramic tile in the video for you sort out some knowledge about the ceramic tile, hope can help to you.

how to clean ceramic tile clean?

1, the first floor cleaner drop in a bucket, and then put the high density sponge also in, carrying a bucket to the bathroom shower room, with hot and cold water into the warm water, straight into the bucket. Make floor cleaner bubbles rapidly, making sponge absorb; Rapid decomposition floor cleaner, let it to function.

2, good water, crowded, pine, crowded, loose with the hand, crammed with a sponge, let it absorb the floor cleaner again, and then squeezed dry, you can begin brushing. To a note to hold down one side of the sponge, so slightly, with some force in the direction of a brush. According to the from inside to outside, wipe from the wiping down order.

3, perhaps to wipe after two square, see in high density sponge, filled with hair like dirt, has been the sponge & other; Collect & throughout; At the same time. At this point do not need to immediately clean sponge, sponge can be a head, with the other side continue to brush, so I can wipe a four side, probably can wipe the area of 5 square. Brush to a surface, the dirt with a sponge around then caught with the hand, and direct it to the trash can.

4, put dirty things shake it off and then dipped into the water cleaning, cleaning on extrusion with a sponge, it will be attached to the surface of the brush it down, is very convenient. Shake off another purpose of stolen goods, is to try to keep a bucket of water clean degree, on the other hand also to economize on water.

that's small make up to you of some information about the ceramic tile video, hope you can have a good grasp of these content, remember well, avoid mistakes in the process of selecting the ceramic tile.

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