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Ceramic tile is classified by what?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-21

choose ceramic tile is a lot of knowledge, just like in different places need different ceramic tile, bathroom these places use prevent slippery as far as possible, and indoor best is smooth, this small make up to give you a brief introduction of ceramic tile classification of related knowledge, hope you can help to buy ceramic tile.

1。 Glazed tile

in general, glazed pottery is a classification, main body is divided into clay and China clay. Use brick surface glaze firing. Clay fire bricks out of the back is red, and porcelain clay fire bricks out of the back is gray. Glazed tile is very rich than polishing brick, can do all sorts of design and pattern. Apply to the hutch is defended area, good skid resistance, but wear resistance than polishing brick.

2。 Bo changes a brick

the so-called bo changes a brick is also a body brick, bibulous rate is lower than 0. 5% of brick of pottery and porcelain are known as bo changes a brick, the surface of the body after polishing is very light and stain resistant. It is because the bibulous rate is low, so its high hardness, not easy scratches, very suitable for used in public places such as the sitting room.

3。 Mosaic tiles

Mosaic is also called the paper brick, originated from ancient Greece, is a kind of small ceramic tile can together all kinds of decorative pattern. Billet by semi-dry pressing forming, after roasting. Pug with CaO, Fe2O3 and also used in coloring. Color is rich, strong resistance to pressure, not easily broken. So use a very wide range. But the outdoor ceramic tile of dosage is bigger, and the price is a little high, so cautious.

4。 Polishing brick

a kind of polishing brick and the outdoor wood deck tiles, polished surface is very light and the material is hard, very suitable for kitchen and bathroom. But easy, polishing brick, skid resistance is bad, granite floor tiles is generally not recommended.

the classification of ceramic tile also is to have cultured, different places use different outdoor ceramic tile also is different, so when buying ceramic tile must multi-purpose snacks!

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