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Ceramic tile interface agent how to use

by:JIABANG     2020-08-11

when doing the indoor decoration, we all need to use ceramic tile, ceramic tile to use but if asked you anything, can you don't understand? In addition to the traditional sand, cement and outdoor ceramic tile adhesive agent and ceramic tile interface, this small make up to make a brief introduction of ceramic tile surface agent how to use, look at how much you know! ( interface agent)

1。 First is metope grassroots to

ceramic tile, before the first has to do is dealt with at the local level. Carefully will base oil, remove loose layer, ensure a clean, dust-free metope. If metope is loose or cracking, should be mended in advance; Such as the absorbent material is very strong, can use first wet water.

2。 Proportion according to the instruction manual ceramic tile mixing interface agent

different products have different blending ratio, so you can according to the product description, deployment of interface agent. Generally dry powder mixing ratio and powder: water = 2:1. Emulsion type allocation, liquid: cement: = : sand, cement demand for 42. More than 5 Portland or slag cement. Mixing interface agent had better use electric equipment, quicker to stir well.

3。 Besmear brushs ceramic tile and let stand being dry

when besmear brushs ceramic tile can be used to roller or brush and paint the interface agent to the base surface, can't leak brush. For moisture volatilizes, surface sticky, pulp, close to the initial setting, the follow-up construction can be achieved.

4。 Maintenance and finished product protection

is the last finishing touches, after the completion of the construction, to ensure that the indoor ventilation, to paste work, and make sure closed after the base level, before the next working procedure.

so is this ceramic tile is the use of interfacial agent and general outdoor ceramic tile adhesive, cement that there is a big difference? If you want to know more welcome to continue to pay attention to website related content.

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