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Ceramic tile inspection method

by:JIABANG     2020-11-29

after the completion of the decoration, the we will confirm to the house work. Different decoration decoration acceptance of the different methods and standards, understand the acceptance method is of great help to the acceptance house decorate, the following is decorated in ceramic tile is to introduce the method of acceptance.

1, check whether meet the design requirements

the first check if ceramic tile shop sticks according to the request of design, such as asking for is the diamond inclined shop owner, it will not be able to shop USES a horizontal or vertical laying method. In addition to the shop is stuck method, check the tile shop sticks direction is correct, with or without inversion phenomenon; Tile and the waist position is correct, if there's any deviation or height error, and so on and so forth.

2, see if any scratches gap

ceramic tile is in the process of the shop is stuck, easy scratches or damage due to careless construction ceramic tile. Acceptance, be the first to see whether any scratches or difficult to remove the stain on the surface of the ceramic tile, brick surface for signs of the crushing collapse Angle, etc.

3, see if any crack fracture

general choice during the day light cases, to see and touch the method, to check whether there is crack brick surface cracks. Crack is refers to the tile surface crack, but the bottom of the ceramic tile is in good condition, slight cut hand touch feel; Crack is refers to the whole outdoor wood deck tiles from the surface to the bottom surface cracking, touch feel obviously hand cut.

4, see if gap even

to cope with the problem of heat bilges cold shrink ceramic tile, and ensure the effect of ceramic tile shop sticks straight, in shop sticks ceramic tile, brick and tile between need to seam. Need to check whether the decking tile aperture is even beautiful, when acceptance of general brick joints to 1 mm wide, no more than 2 mm. Special effects can also be gap widened, such as 5 mm. Also, check if decking tile edge or sealed.

ceramic tile acceptance notice:

acceptance must pay attention to the empty drum ceramic tile, must focus on inspection. Because if there is an empty drum exceeded the standard, metope is likely craze, cock, fall off wait for a phenomenon, effect the beauty of the wall and increase the cost of repair. Rap test methods: five, with a metal tapping stick good corners and center position of the ceramic tile, by hitting the sound from a judgment whether the empty drum ceramic tile. If the sound of knock more depressing that brick is also quite strong. On the other hand, a & other; Product & throughout; Floor tile of wall of crisp sound of words, not the shop is stuck firm, there is an empty drum.

decorate ceramic tile of the method of acceptance inspection method is also to be more effort to understand and explore, in this way can let decorate effect is desired, the house will not a big problem.

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