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Ceramic tile hearth how design

by:JIABANG     2020-12-24

now, the material of decking tile the kitchen stove is also very much, everybody. It is not easy to choose a good ceramic tile, first of all, the ceramic tile of hearth should satisfy the conditions of oil should be this, and you want to know more? Then read on.

man-made stone material to pollution has a strong resistance, resistance to wear and acid also has certain. This material is easy to clean. It also has strong elegant natural marble and granite hardness. The surface of wood is also very delicate. It's very warm, because it is made of stone powder and high temperature and high pressure made of artificial fibres.

this kind of material is very popular in the kitchen stove, can be said to be an improved version of the grinding stone, very suitable for modern life in the kitchen, service life is long, but also has the characteristics of scratch-resistant. You can not only cut on it, also can be directly put hot dishes on them.

it is a with the passage of time will gradually change the color of materials, from grey to later bronze green, it is very thick, in line with the modern life of the kitchen, it has the nature of the one hundred times.

in the modern kitchen, the design of the furnace and the outside is different. In addition to the stove, it now includes sink, console and cabinets, etc. , thus has more stringent requirements of the size of the kitchen stove. Generally speaking, cooking utensils, washing stations and table are at the same level. According to the human body engineering, the height of the hearth should be 0. 85 m to 1. 0 meters, cooktops at least 40 cm away from the wall should be. In order to have enough space for our operation. Kitchen geomancy taboo

kitchen hearth is home site, also called the king, god of the kitchen, the kitchen god, kitchen oven and stove, east hutch to life. Tang dynasty twang-ching-shih unitary Yang miscellaneous him he also said: kitchen god is one of the five sacrificial with life, god, door god, god, as the house of god was made in the transgressions, monitoring the world crimes, control the life of death.

position of the furnace can not directly at the kitchen door. This design can lead to family members become more irritable, and the money has certain harm.

the location of the stove can't relative with my door, so anger rushed into the bedroom, it has a great influence to the health of residents.

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