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Ceramic tile have Nick

by:JIABANG     2020-12-27

the ceramic tile of many times we will appear scratches, when there is a scratch on the we like to repair these scratches, introduce below small make up on ceramic tile have Nick?

a, toothpaste wipe: if your decking tile scratches is not very serious, can be coated with toothpaste, hard with a soft cloth to wipe or use nail polish to wipe, wipe before had better look clean ceramic tile, this effect is better. 2, with a clean toilet net: find a bottle of clean toilet clean and clean cloth, metal on ceramic tile scratches on drop a few drops on clean lavatory net, after waiting for 1 to 2 minutes, reoccupy dishcloth, scratches disappear soon. Three, oxalate method: using oxalic acid to repair scratches result is right also ceramic tile, can look for a piece of soft cloth with oxalic acid, hard to wipe can fix ceramic tile scratches. But oxalate seems not so good, need to buy to sell special chemical reagent. Four, waterproof abrasive paper: serious scratches for ceramic tile, belong to the indifference, only water sand paper to grind, but do not recommend using this method, because it is a big damage for ceramic tile to do so. have Nick what is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details. what

when it comes to ceramic tile, a lot of people can speak of a pile of the ceramic tile of brand, but specific to what are the types of decking tile is hard to say out of a thing or two, this small make up for the popular science, take a look at what are the ceramic tile of indoor decoration is more common! ! ! ! Hope can help to you! ( is)


to start with floor tile, this is our floor must be used, we usually standing on is the granite floor tiles, belong to the porcelain products, fired clay to make complete specifications, has a strong, compression wear-resisting, can the advantages of the moisture. Through the glaze processing, have very strong adornment effect. Many floors for public and civil buildings.

2。 Connect body brick

the brick is more common in metope ceramic tile of a type, generally don't connect body brick surface glazing, the material of both the front and at the same time and same color, strong anti-slip and wear-resisting function. Most & other; Prevent slippery brick & throughout; Is similar to the brick. It is mainly used for hutch defends rooms, corridors aisle. The place with the outdoor wood deck tiles decorate effect is fairly good.

3。 Glazed tile

glazed pottery is a commonly used one kind of decoration, and compared with the brick, this is generally treated with glazed ceramic tile, according to different points of luster, have two kinds of glazed tile and dumb smooth glazed pottery, with rich colors, good skid resistance and other advantages. Used for hutch is defended decorate between more.

4。 Archaize brick

archaize brick is a derivative CaiYouZhuan, namely on the glaze of porcelain tiles. Compared with general glazed tile, the biggest difference is in colour, archaize outdoor wood deck tiles belongs to the ordinary ceramic tile, and ceramic tile is roughly similar. Used for floor, kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, balcony. After decorating style look is much higher.

this is this how many kinds of common ceramic tile related content, but in addition to these there are many kinds of ceramic tile is not covered, want to know more information, you can pay attention to our website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( is)

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