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Ceramic tile have a reflective

by:JIABANG     2020-12-27

since Japan's nuclear disaster in 2013, we are quite sensitive to words, such as radiation and radioactive. And when decorate our inevitable when it comes to this word, mainly because of the house that new clothes builds on the ceramic tile of more harmful substances, some of these things is radioactive, so dangerous not dangerous? ( radioactive)

1。 of the radioactive material is inevitable, and these substances occur mainly because of the raw material of ceramic tile is radioactive, such as dirt, slag, limestone, is almost inevitable. These radioactive materials can increase the degree of sense of beauty and strength of ceramic tile, in the formulation of its content is not very big, but has a great influence on the effect of fire, it's like the human body trace element, in the formula can not completely don't have to, this is understandable.

2。 And ceramic tile radioactive hazard to the human body is mainly from two aspects: radiation in vivo and in vitro radiation. The body radiation is mainly refers to radon radiation to human body. Radon is a natural radioactive substances, colorless, tasteless, and is easy to spread, soluble in water, and the characteristics of easily soluble in fat. Long-term inhalation of radon, can affect the person's nervous system, make the person depressed, and even lead to diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, but the basic can guarantee indoor ceramic tile is not so dangerous.

3。 Then these long what kind of ceramic tile is safe? Professional analysis shows that the white ceramic tile, often the radiation, the greater the polishing brick Chinese super white brick radiation is stronger, so whether it is a glimmer of brand, brand or three lines, buy ceramic tile especially granite floor tiles, not to buy the white, the harm is much smaller. Big brands and small difference is not harm but in product quality, may be a line of outdoor wood deck tiles shop to buy 100 piece, the bad one, three line brand will bad four pieces. But never said small outdoor wood deck tiles brand radiation than the big brands.

so when buying ceramic tile decoration still have to pay more attention to these details, at the same time also can not the ceramic tile of penny cheap to buy some time, after all, you don't know whether these tiles have strong radioactive, want to know more information welcome to continue to focus on the website! ( radioactive)

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