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Ceramic tile good tips let you choose the ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2021-05-24

home outfit selection of ceramic tile is a key, how to choose and buy good ceramic tile is the owners are very concerned about the problem, is also one of the most headache problems. Has many years of experience in decoration of the Lao shifu have suggested that we choose the time to pay special attention to the quality of ceramic tile, not only look at the appearance or pursue cheap, because the quality of ceramic tile for the service life of domestic outfit and decoration effect has a great influence. So small make up tips for you to introduce ceramic tile of choose and buy.

a, based on the characteristics of the room to choose granite floor tiles about how to choose and buy good ceramic tile, according to the different needs of different room is slightly adjustment on materials selection. Sitting room and dining-room is the place that frequent use, and pay attention to beautiful effect, advised to choose a good abrasion resistance, not wetted and nice smooth polished tile. And kitchen toilet need good skid resistance and self-cleaning capability, not easily touch ash, is to choose and purchase glazed pottery. Second, look at the recent detection presentation to decorate the Lao shifu told everybody about how to choose and buy ceramic tile do remember to check the merchants to provide testing speech, certificates, etc. And detect the speech must be issued by the authority maintenance unit recently, because of the limitation, the actual circumstances of the products may also have deviation. Detect the speech repair units must have a CMA ( Accreditation) , this is the most basic. Check the relevant certification, pay attention to whether can on the corresponding certificate and sales products. Another expert clew, ceramic tile is at present already 3 c authentication, how to choose and buy good ceramic tile can increase reliability by checking the 3 c authentication. Three, know well about how to choose and buy ceramic tile, various parameters should pay attention to a few basic parameters: the decking tile of hardness, wear-resisting degree and water absorption. Hardness directly affects the service life of decking tile ceramic tile, is the most important parameters about how to choose and buy ceramic tile. By hitting identify hardness decking tile, if on sound is ringing it shows that it is a good ceramic tile, not the opposite. Wear-resisting degree from low to high is divided into five degrees, degree, the higher the wear-resisting degree, the better family choose good choose ceramic tile in one to four degrees. Bibulous rate is about how to choose and buy good attention should be paid to the parameters of the ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of low density, outdoor wood deck tiles holes were, bibulous rate is high, easy bibulous scale, not suitable for moist, water use, and density is high, bibulous the ceramic tile with low rate moisture-proof anti-pollution ability. Four, the price is normally associated with the quality, how to choose and buy ceramic tile or don't ignore the price. Usually the quality of ceramic tile is proportional to the price is, if the figure is cheap to buy the ceramic tile of too cheap, is likely to have very big difference in terms of quality and environmental protection. Some small manufacturer in order to reduce cost, may reduce the wear resistance of ceramic tile, etc, to reduce the service life. If at that time the save money to buy the unqualified products, later to become warped up resurfacing thed loss outweights the gain. Above is the ceramic tile of small make up for you to share small doohickey of choose and buy, want to help you. If you want to know more about the relevant information of ceramic tile, please continue to pay attention to brand ceramic tile.

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