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Ceramic tile good these you have to know how to choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2021-01-06

decking tile ways we can know how to be swindled reduce the probability and for ceramic tile, after all, our understanding is not much, so how to introduce below small make up on ceramic tile of choose and buy is good?

a, is the ceramic tile of choose and buy, should pay attention to the glaze cracking resistance and strength. Good quality ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low. And poor glaze cracking resistance, high strength and low water absorption of ceramic tile surface after the shop is stuck easy appeared irregular crack, later known as crack, flake or broken. So, consumer is in when choosing the droplets can be in the back of the ceramic tile, observe its diffusion degree, water slowly good. Second, is to pay attention to ceramic tile surface whether level off, whether to appear uneven thickness of the pinhole. Whether can knock when ceramic tile of choose and buy, listen to the sound is ringing. Sound is crisp, according to the quality of a material is high density of ceramic tile, hardness is better. And can scrape of ceramic tile surface with good thing, if appear scratches, glazing is insufficient. When this kind of ceramic tile glaze on the surface of the polished after it was easy to hide the dirt, difficult to clean up. Third, is to compare color difference. If there is a clear off color ceramic tile, decorate the effect is affected. Due to buy the number of large ceramic tile, so for each package product sampling, observe the change of color, color generally cannot choose. Fourth, is to test the sizes. Dimension and roughness of the ceramic tile of the great error will not only increase the difficulty of the construction, at the same time the effect after decorating also is very poor. common size square is 400 ~ 600 mm wide, sometimes even with 1000 & times; 1000 mm large floor tile. The choice of tile size according to dimensional size, small space can't use big size, otherwise it will produce proportion not feeling. Average sitting room space such as granite floor tiles, it can choose bigger size and space is appropriate USES such as kitchen, toilet floor tile of 300 ~ 400 mm, but should pay attention to prevent slippery, wear-resisting, and easy to clean. Five, carefully choose ceramic tile. The ceramic tile on the market now there are two main categorises: bright surface and inferior smooth surface. Two classes using glaze is different, different style, second class part of archaize style to satisfy the consumer's nostalgia emotions. How ceramic tile of choose and buy is good is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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