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Ceramic tile glue? What are those?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-01

there are a lot of glue, when decorating a different glue for different decorate material, decorate outdoor ceramic tile should be what kind of glue? also divides a lot of kinds, such as marble, ceramic tile of toilet, so here I will mainly introduce about the content of the ceramic tile glue. ( glue)

801 and 107 are building glue (glue Specification and model) in 801 and 107 is the glue 。 Mainly used in paint putty configuration or add to the cement mortar or concrete, in order to improve the bond strength of cement mortar and concrete, at the grassroots level and coating bonding plays a big role. The so-called 901 glue, in a sense, is also the improvement of products in 107 and 801 glue.

mostly belongs to the household decorative glass gel silica gel material, according to its nature mainly classified into acidic, neutral and three types of water gel. For acidity glass glue, though glued to strong sex, but for some material has certain corrosion resistance, suitable for the materials used are also limited, will also produce irritating smell; For neuter glass glue, suitable for marble, the use of materials such as metal and glass. Irritating smell is small, but with the relatively weak, in terms of water glass adhesive, its adhesion strength is relatively weak, curing process is slow, but after drying can be painted on it, and in living in adornment use relatively less.

for white latex, household furniture is more used for carpentry and paste wall coverings, can also be used to cover paper. It needs longer solidification time, usually in 12 hours after the completion of solidification.

adhesive can be called universal adhesive, it is mainly used for veneer, plastic and metal single board. It has high bond strength, long service life, but not elastic, does not glue and flammable. In use process, the two sides of the bottom is glued on, and then put ten to twenty minutes, when the surface doesn't glue stick to hand can pull over.

as the name implies, stone glue is used to paste the adhesive of various kinds of stone. It is mainly used for bonding larger culture stone, artificial stone the stone material of external walls and bibulous rate is high. Stone material surface crack repair and splicing, adhesive, composite, etc. There are several different varieties on the market, such as marble glue, AB glue, silicon rubber tantalum, with stone adhesive is good, easy construction, long service life, more suitable for large stone. The construction.

good ceramic tile glue can decades remains firm as before, bad enough for a year or two can cause ceramic tile fall off, so choose good ceramic tile glue is very important.

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