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Ceramic tile general maintenance method is what

by:JIABANG     2021-05-21

although the service life of ceramic tile and ceramic tile quality has a lot to do, but it is undeniable that the day after tomorrow the maintenance is also very important. , below small make up to give you talk about what is general maintenance method.

a article, use protect horn benefits: can either protect horn, ceramic tile and decorative cover seam traditional tile Yang deficiency general for right Angle, the home has children family can pour thick ceramic tile of choose and buy is tie-in arc corner protector to solve safety problems. Stainless steel material selection advice protect horn, aluminum alloy article kok material is qualitative soft, slight collision or extrusion in the construction process, and deformation will sag. In addition to protecting the ceramic tile Angle, corner protector can also beautify and cover defects in ceramic tile, such as some irregular cross-section, ceramic tile to perfect juncture, Yang Angle of the joint article corner protector can be cover. seam filling agent benefits: high antifoulant, strengthen the bathroom mouldproof granite floor tiles is generally not easy to mildew and dirt, dirt because most of the ceramic tile ceramic tile the gaps between the moldy or fall off dust, traditional construction multi-purpose ceramic tile cement, silicon likang instead of caulking agent even without seam filling agent, in fact as long as at the time of ceramic tile construction use with good caulking agent can prevent this problem. Three wax, decking tile benefits: improve waterproof antifouling sex, maintain bright, prolong service life do not think that only needs waxing, floor wax actually ceramic tile also is a good way to protect material! Good ceramic tile after playing a layer of wax can improve its waterproof, anti-fouling, don't bother polishing wax can intervals of 2 - 3 months time, only need to do four times a year can make the ceramic tile of lasting home beautiful, prolong service life. Four, prevent oil stickers benefits: oil resistant lazy good helper, convenient and clean the lampblack of the kitchen is home town, inside the most easy to dirty and difficult clean ceramic tile, use kitchen ceramic tile with a long time will fade, looking at heart plug, and put a piece of oil pollution prevention in the kitchen ceramic tile before use sticker, the trouble can be easily solved. Do the maintenance, the day after tomorrow of ceramic tile can greatly prolong the service life of ceramic tile, hope the above four tiles maintenance method can help to you, if you still want to know more can click on ceramic tile brand for details.

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