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Ceramic tile from with a tip?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-26

is the time to decorate outdoor ceramic tile is a relatively important plate, if decorate, didn't do a good job in this big influence on the overall decoration effect, this simple small make up to tell me about the ceramic tile from the tip of, hope you can help to you!

1。 Ready to move the tools of outdoor ceramic tile

ceramic tile is fragile, and most are relatively large, so before ceramic tile stickers will be ready to full. We are prepared ahead of crane wheel, shifter, handling tools such as sucker, with professional tools will be big plate to the construction location, or use suction cups, BanYunGan handling big board, can use when picking up the plate movement to carry, save more safety!

2。 Paste materials should pay attention to

back glue is good tile material. Gum is a kind of polymer modified cement base material processing interface, can improve the bond strength of large plate and ceramic tile adhesive.

3。 Tile to prevent empty drum

use the tooth type scraper will adhesive evenly, metope and ground on the back of the big board, pay attention to the glue along the big board short edge shave is indented, and metope and big board should be in the same direction indented, facilitate discharge air, avoid ceramic tile adhesive empty drum and loss problem. After an hour in the shop is stuck, check whether the empty drum. If you hear 'empty' of granite floor tiles, you must try to back to the shop is stuck, ceramic tile is 24 hours after the shop is stuck, can undertake joint construction.

4。 Paving compaction ceramic tile

will smooth outdoor ceramic tile laying on the grassroots, use vibrator will take real smooth ceramic tile, easy to get rid of air bubbles, increase the rate of outdoor wood deck tiles bottom filled with plasma, lest produce empty drum phenomenon. Knock brick surface flat with vibrator at the same time, in order to level measurement, to ensure that the level of ceramic tile shop sticks.

5。 The leveling process of ceramic tile

ceramic tile to stick good, before post must find the roughness of the ceramic tile, located in has good big board edge every 60 cm insert leveling bottom seat, after inspection smooth insert leveling wedges and clamping leveling machine, adjust the surface roughness of adjacent plate, and adjust the big board clearance is about 2 mm, so that subsequent seam an agent to handle.

this down, your shop sticks ceramic tile effect is very good! If you feel this article helps to you, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Here are the ceramic tile of the most authoritative information! Finally thank you for watching!

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