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Ceramic tile dry hanging marble construction technology and characteristics

by:JIABANG     2020-10-08
by dry hanging bolt to fixed on the wall, the Angle of code and then fixed by welding vertical and transverse keel keel, reoccupy hang stainless steel bolts tenon on the transverse keel, paste on the back of the bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is slotted hanging granite bases, in accordance with the design requirements, should be fixed on the stainless steel hanging tenon, avoid the bring empty drum set posted by wet process, shortcomings and so on crack, fall off. So, ceramic tile dry hanging marble construction process and everyone knows how much? Below small make up to you. Hang dry dry hanging construction technology of ceramic tile ceramic tile construction sequence: layout to choose ceramic tile, processing, serial number and steel production, steel acceptance to the metope processing at the grass-roots level, metope frame - a pay-off - steel frame fixed - check the flatness and firmly fixed to clean up the surface of ceramic tile and sealing, filling sealing strip and the embedded sealant to clean up, check and accept. Dry hang 1, ceramic tile ceramic tile construction method to prepare first by colorimetric method to choose the color of ceramic tile classification; Installed on the same plane is consistent with the color of ceramic tile, and according to the requirement of the design size and drawings, special die fixed on the bench drill, punch was carried out on the stone. Then brush unsaturated resin adhesive on the underside of the tile. Before ceramic tile in the paint for the first time, write the number on the ceramic tile, and ceramic tile on the floating dust and noise pollution clean. 2, metope frame alignment and installation skeleton clean dry hanging structure on the surface of the ceramic tile in the first place. Then the location of the skeleton line to the main structure, pay-off work according to the axis and elevation point. To pop up the position of the vertical channel steel on metope, determine the fixed point of the vertical main keel, stay vertical channel set, then the horizontal Angle position on the vertical channel. Skeleton construction on the keel and wall embedded parts of the welding quality, welding distortion and embedded parts parts of the construction method, and by the owner, supervision, monitoring stations on the concealed acceptance. Vertical and transverse keel frame installation quality control points: elastic line position; The vertical keel whether in the same plane. 3, install metope ceramic tile of pay-off: from construction faces a at both ends, hoisted out top-down vertical line, pitch point or fixed point on the ground. Press plate back in finding a vertical mounting plate of the benchmark, and the starting layer at the grass-roots level elevation according to the size of the board and the width of the cracks on the pop-up horizontal flat vertical frame chalk line. Pendant pendant installation: according to the release of chalk line and design specification, quantity required to install add-ons, simultaneously must force board to test hand detection expansion screw and coupling nut tightening and make it meet the requirements of design quality. Plate connections: in the end of the plate hole, and insert into the right amount of epoxy resin mixture anchor pin, the mixture ratio of epoxy resin mixture to ensure a proper solidification time, should be depending on the specific, generally in the 4 - Eight hours advisable, avoid premature solidification and appear embrittlement, the slow solidification and loose. 4, install tile bottom plate according to the first fixed on the wall of the stainless steel anchorage position, install the underlying ceramic tile. back and anchoring a fixed pin registration place, and then use the anchoring pieces of the rectangle bolt hole, adjust the level and vertical degree of ceramic tile and gap. fixed tightly with a certain anchorages, and embedded with solid glue will anchor pieces in. 5, installation andante down a andante first back slot injection build-in glue, wipe residual adhesive solution, will be on a line of ceramic tile according to the installation method of the bottom plate in place. Check the installation quality, comply with the design and specification requirements for fixed later. 6, Chinese flowering crabapple Angle sealant caulking tile hang after the construction, a crack in the clean and remove dust on the surface. On haitang Angle on both sides of the ceramic tile, seam by 10 - paste 15 mm wide plastic tape, in order to prevent the pollution of ceramic tile surface glue sealing. Then fill sealant with glue gun. If found sealant pollution board face, must wipe immediately. marble characteristics 1, is not easy to deformation, good flatness, ceramic tile resistance to thermal shock, overcome the wall temperature difference expansion; 2, the construction is more simple, just simple operations at the loading process, short construction period; 3, because of the porcelain plate forming by high temperature and high pressure, panel light, high-rise building weight and have low acid alkali and water resistance; 4, unique style, the overall without off color. Ceramic products are more abundant than natural materials more bright-coloured colour, dry hanging so ceramic tile effect more beautiful; 5, the use of ceramic man-made board is more green than natural stone. 6, compared with natural stone material, ceramic tile is only about 1/5 the price, more affordable for consumers.

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