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Ceramic tile drill have?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-02
In our household adornment, install the hardware of hutch defends electric appliance and so on all need holes on ceramic tile, but there are several kinds of ceramic tile drill, how can punch a beautiful and practical, it is very test of master skill, a carelessly easy to going to the decking tile, it will bring a lot of trouble, visible ceramic tile is the use of the bit and drilling technology is very important, as small make up for everybody to introduce the related knowledge. A, what are the ceramic tile of commonly used bit 1, in living in adornment, master the most commonly used the ceramic tile of drilling bit has three types: impact masonry drill, impact drill, glass masonry drill bits. 2, glass drill use frequency is highest, used throughout ceramic tile ceramic tile, ceramic tile and so on many kinds of drilling. 2 what tools need to punch a hole 1, ceramic tile, impact hammer, hammer and sample ( Also can call round chisel) 2, steel nails, Without steel nails can also use masonry nail) , marker pen and measuring scale ( Can guarantee the accuracy of the ceramic tile drilling. 3, electric hammer, professional make operation more convenient, also can improve the accuracy, and ensure complete ceramic tile is not broken. Three, decking tile note 1, when making ceramic tile knockout punch a best expansion bolt will be taken to a fixed object, according to bolt size to choose the required impact hammer drill. If during drilling hole is more than 10 mm ceramic tile, best two 2 operation, with a bit up holes in advance, and then carried out in accordance with the need to the diameter of the drill bore hole, the aim is to guarantee the complete of ceramic tile won't fracture. In the process of using, remember to blunt point and sealing glue, so the goal is to prevent the phenomenon such as ceramic tile surface crack due to enamel. 3, if it is bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles or high density of ceramic tile, you can use the position of the glass drill in drilling the first decking tile to wear, then hammer into electricity. 4, using glass drill hole drilling, because smooth ceramic tile is too bad, it's best to first make an eye in the tilt direction to locate, if be half-and-half punchs a hole for ceramic tile ceramic tile, can use a nail straight out of a small pit to precision drilling. 5, in ceramic tile drilling operations, don't let the noise of drilling and contact to the end of the drill bit, it is best to ordinary electric hammer drill out half, electric drill for doing it there is no impact on metope, can effectively ensure the ceramic tile is not broken. Conclusion: to introduce the above the ceramic tile of bit type and drilling considerations, we in the life, for instance hutch defends hardware installation, water heater, lampblack machine, microwave oven, etc. You need to use to ceramic tile drilling techniques, hope to be of reference in ceramic tile on the eyelet. Study is less than half a talent decorate oh well.
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