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Ceramic tile drill

by:JIABANG     2020-12-10

usually decorate in the family, the need for punching operation of ceramic tile, but if you have no real operating experience may be operating errors, so this small make up to talk about simple bit of ceramic tile and adaptation of some relevant matters needing attention, the hope can help to you! ( bit)

1, general to punch, ceramic tile in the family will use several types of drill bits, respectively is uncraft impact masonry drill, impact drill, glass masonry drill bits.

2, but not all ceramic tile drill so universal, generally glass bit use frequency is highest, used throughout decking tile ceramic tile, decking tile and so on many kinds of drilling.

in the ceramic tile in the process of punching, what need to be aware of? Below small make up to introduce a:

1, when drilling must be fixed, ceramic tile, again according to bolt size to choose the impact hammer drill. If during drilling hole is more than 10 mm ceramic tile, best two operations

2, when drilling don't muster, must first make a small hole, and then carried out in accordance with the need to the diameter of the drill bore hole, the aim is to guarantee the complete of ceramic tile won't fracture. In the process of using, remember to blunt point and sealing glue, so the goal is to prevent the phenomenon such as ceramic tile surface crack due to enamel.

3, if the higher hardness of ceramic tile, can use the glass drill in drilling to the location of the decking tile for a first, and then to hammer into electricity.

4, using glass drill hole drilling, because smooth ceramic tile is too bad, it's best to first make an eye in the tilt direction to locate, if be half-and-half punchs a hole for ceramic tile ceramic tile, can use a nail straight out of a small pit to precision drilling.

5, in ceramic tile drilling operations, don't let the noise of drilling and contact to the end of the drill bit, it is best to ordinary electric hammer drill out half, electric drill for doing it there is no impact on metope, can effectively ensure the ceramic tile is not broken.

simply to ceramic tile drilling operation is take special attention, these seemingly simple actually industrial operation, one not careful it may let you become a heap of wasteland, the ceramic tile, want to know more related information welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Finally thank you for watching! ( bit)

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