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Ceramic tile do face-lifting?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-02

it is well known that if the ceramic tile with long overshadowed, have obvious Chen Jiugan, so most of the owners in ceramic tile used for several years after the start for ceramic tile face-lifting operation, small make up to simple introduce the ceramic tile is in current renovation of simple steps, hope you can help to you! ( renovation)

1。 Old tile cleaning

because ceramic tile is easy to dirty, especially such as dust or grease, therefore, when clean ceramic tile, it is recommended to use decontamination creams to a thoroughly clean the surface. Processing of ceramic tile aperture, can use a toothbrush with decontamination creams and brush away. Final reoccupy clear water clean again. Wipe dry. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can also use the grinding grinding machine for ceramic tile polishing, it can make ceramic tile shining brilliantly, but has some negative effect on the integrity of the pattern texture.

2。 Stick stickers

actually ceramic tile glue to stick the operation is very simple, just on the ceramic tile. This call glue with all sorts of design and color, so can not only play an effect on the cover of ceramic tile, can also on the surface of the ceramic tile that single pure color add your favorite design. Interested friends when buying, must ask personnel specific operation method, so as to avoid waste of material.

3。 Recolor

down for so many years, ceramic tile is more or less will be faded or crack is the case, this is normal phenomenon, no one can maintain a constant ten thousand ceramic tile. If you don't want to reinstall, you can try to use the special ceramic tile paint color processing, make its restore beautiful. on the paint, however, to prevent slot coating to avoid negative impact and beautiful.

4。 On the old tile laying new tile

if the ceramic tile of home is already very old, it does not recommend these steps, you should try the new shop is stuck directly on the basis of old ceramic tile ceramic tile. The operation is complicated, we have to find professionals to operate. If there is a region in the empty drum, it will work to get rid of the region, and then use some other flat after outdoor ceramic tile, and based on this, an upper new ceramic tile.

simple for the renovation of ceramic tile is these operations, the look is not difficult, but it's quite a job to really operate or, even the home is very chaotic, so can give others decoration is one of the best, finally thank you for watching!

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