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Ceramic tile decorating tips

by:JIABANG     2020-12-21

in the process of ceramic tile decoration, if you don't pay attention to the decoration techniques, then there will be a lot of sequelae after decorating, we next see decking tile decorating tips. ( decoration)

first of all, determine where you can use ceramic tile, detailed drawings and indicate the size, calculate the independent area of each tile area.

includes the area of the ground, the area of the wall, the area of the Angle, etc. , all of which should be well known. Thus, in the market, in order to have a specific reference to the ceramic tile of example room, and like the style and color, according to the size of the model into the seat, see if you can use.

2, depending on your family structure and be fond of, make sure you need to use the ceramic tile of style, and determine the corresponding to the market positioning of the senses.

because should adopt what kind of brick to consider the preferences of habitant, to determine whether to use shallow brick or inferior smooth brick, slippery degree how, how to locate the color style.

3. In the market for a rough check, should clear the size of normal walls and granite floor tiles. Now the size of brick of pottery and porcelain is many, such as 300 * 300, 300 * 450, 300 * 600, 600 * 600, etc. , but try to choose the size of some common and general, not be restricted by brand or enterprise, can choose and design.

4, according to tile area the size of the drawing combination of ordinary wall, calculated with floor tile is suitable for the size of the tiles, and determine the specifications of the tiles;

more than the size of the brick is a science, a lot of words, the right choice is good-looking and save the bricks. I think use & other; Door to door & throughout; To describe should be similar, in general, brick laying area selection is the large size of the brick, small area on the choice of the small size of the brick. For example my bathroom, kitchen and balcony are small, so I will choose the minimum size of the outdoor wood deck tiles, otherwise there would be no cover a few big brick is, it should be more ugly ah, and reverse area as small as possible.

ceramic tile decorated and there are many tips can be worthy of our study, want to know is to focus on our official net cafe. ( decoration)

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