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Ceramic tile craze?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-14

wall crack believe that a lot of people have encountered similar problems. And some of the reasons for cracks with different processing method. When cracks we must first understand why and then suit the remedy to the case in this way can we have the best effect.

a, the structure of the temperature cracks on the walls, floor and masonry is to play the role of a mutual constraints, so if you have any changes in ambient temperature, between between the floor and masonry may appear deformation by temperature, and the masonry itself exists a limit value of tensile and shear strength, when the temperature induction force exceeds the limit, masonry cracks will occur, which is called the temperature cracks. Remedy: the common houses after the cracks will affect the appearance of the building, cracks can be in when the remedial non-woven, PVC grid cloth, etc. , with a coating of paint to fill cracks.

2, emulsioni paint crack if emulsioni paint on the surface of the film appeared crack is, you can use will appear in the crack of fine sand paper burnish drops, and then used to besmear brushs emulsioni paint is ok. Remedy: if floated coat a massive empty drum, ought to knock off the original plaster layer, to do a cement mortar plastering layer, according to normal process after leveling paint or wallpaper. But note that the processing cost will be relatively improve

three structure, structure crack expansion joints between the wall and outdoor wood deck tiles wall extends to the surface of the wall, this will show the emulsioni paint of forming cracks. Appear this kind of crack should look for professional personnel according to the actual situation of building structures, take corresponding measures. Remedy: this kind of crack is the most complex and most difficult repair, usually need to grassroots eradicating when maintenance, sort out the crack, and then filled with epoxy resin injection into the gap, until the gap has been filled.

in crack aperture posted on the surface of carbon fiber cloth reinforcement, all this is finished, can batch of blow be bored with child do emulsioni paint repair. The cracking is often because the proportion of white wall surface with cement and sand is wrong, many enterprises for reducing the amount of cement, as a result of plastering cement mortar crack, and result in the crack of the latex paint. Remedy: repair the crack, as long as the putty layer removed, exposing cement paint layer cracks, crack and then directly with carbon fiber cloth can be posted.

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