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Ceramic tile, clean can use what method

by:JIABANG     2020-12-25

for most people, after a tremendous effort to decorate good house is later decades to live, but the house in a period of time at home, you will find there will be all kinds of ceramic tile besmirch, so ceramic tile clean what method can be used?

the, toothpaste is the most convenient way is to use local materials, directly with you every day with the toothpaste and toothbrush brush a few times repeatedly stick on the ceramic tile of rust, wash clean again, so you can quickly remove the rust. Two lavatory fluid, the average person usually have the common cleaning supplies in the home, also can remove rust with it, and it is very simple, ceramic tile wet water first, and then put the lavatory agent on decking tile, wait a moment later, a cloth to wipe. Three, fresh lemon is a common food fresh lemon juice, if home have just fresh lemon, you can squeeze out juice drops on the rust stains, then use hand rub a few times, until the rust stains removed, and then washed with soap and water. Four, the vinegar vinegar drip slowly rub on rust stains, next reoccupy dishcloth can also go to rust. Because vinegar composition mainly is acidic, and rust is alkaline, acetic acid and alkali reaction of rust, rust by neutralization, decking tile can restore the original appearance. Five, coke cola, as a kind of common, not only can do leisure drinks, food, and it was found that coke or rust bane? Coke on the surface of the ceramic tile that rusty, let stand for 12 hours, dip in with toilet paper where coke is wiped rust, after 5 minutes, rust slowly recede. Six, vitamin C tablets because of vitamin C piece has the effect of prevention and treatment to the common cold, and in the ordinary course of pharmacy can be bought, so a lot of families have at home. Actually, vitamin C piece besides useful to colds, cleaning effect is good, as long as 34 grain of vitamin C tablets crushed into powder, and in granite floor tiles surface, then scrub with water several times can make the decking tile of rust to become clean again. clean can be used which methods is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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