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Ceramic tile choose what method

by:JIABANG     2020-12-30

give us choose ceramic tile has multiple sort, but species much more let we don't know how to choose, the ceramic tile of choose what method is there?

1, the volume calculation theory of ceramic tile can sell, or sold by the square meters, before buy decking tile should be calculated to the area of the shop is stuck. Some ceramic tile of metope chart as long as know the height and width, can be found to dosage of ceramic tile. Some ceramic tile ceramic tile is to be administered will list box on the packing but what's the area of the shop is stuck. A rough calculation, an area of 80 square meters to 640 pieces of about 14 cm square ceramic tile ceramic tile or 320 pieces of 20 cm in length and calculation. Calculate the total number, should be combined with a certain number of standby, because when the shop is stuck to avoid a loss. Can also use this formula is roughly calculate the required amount of ceramic tile: ( Decorate area & divide; Each tile size) × ( 1 + 3%) Is required during the construction of ceramic tile, blocks, 3% of whom are construction wastage. Type 2, choose ceramic tile color very much, the color is more, but need to grasp is the choice of colors and styles whether meet the requirements. Such as the kitchen in general, in order to clean and convenient, general is given priority to with light color of, the most common type of white ceramic tile. The ceramic tile of toilet to choose the light or matte, dark or light color is recommended. When the family is decorated, had better choose inferior smooth brick; The study and try to use floor instead of children room granite floor tiles; If used polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, as far as possible in the home at ordinary times to open small lights, to avoid lamplight point-blank or by reflection affect the eyes; Because white and metal ceramic tile is relatively strong, is not suitable for large area in the bedroom. 3, choice of size on the size of ceramic tile should consider the size of the visual space, if a sitting room be furniture place, also is the ground, when using the size of the actual visual, if visual area is small, also should consider to use smaller size. Or consider the aspect ratio and size of the sitting room, in terms of effect, with ceramic tile can full the whole piece of brick had better, is refers to the edge as far as possible to lay bricks or laying bricks, less as far as possible to reduce waste, in general, the greater the ceramic tile specifications, waste. choose what method is introduced here, if you still want to know more can click on the brand decking tile details.

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