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Ceramic tile ceramic tile glue stick what you use?

by:JIABANG     2020-07-31

about tile glue stick may many owners are not sure some of the main process. Let below small make up about tile glue to stick to you talk about the main program. Hope can help to you.

what glue stick wall brick with?

to stick wall brick commonly used is the ceramic tile adhesive, mostly outdoor ceramic tile adhesive has high bonding strength, water resistance, cold resistance, ageing resistance and the construction of the wall outdoor wood deck tiles of glue is convenient wait for a characteristic, it relies on a variety of replacing the traditional cement sand, ceramic tile glue adhesive bond or cement mortar for several times, is now being widely used in all kinds of wall, ground, inside and outside the bathroom and kitchen and so on construction sites.

in addition, the ceramic tile adhesive is made of cement, polymer additives, etc. It's a scientifically, it is a kind of to meet the requirements of environmental protection inorganic paste material, has strong adhesive force to the smooth surface.

what kind of outdoor ceramic tile adhesive is divided into?

1, the ordinary ceramic tile adhesive. Ordinary ceramic tile adhesive used in various ceramic tile material paste on the surface of the ordinary mortar or small outdoor wood deck tiles wall material.

2, enhanced ceramic tile adhesive. It has stronger cohesive force and sag resistance, and can be used to bond requirement of metope ceramic tile and the mortar paste below have very good effect, such as wood.

3, heavy brick tile adhesives. Such types of glue adhesive power big and rich flexibility, resistant to stress as a result of the bonding layer for heat bilges cold shrink, can be used for gypsum board, fiberboard, plywood or veneer and other old area of all kinds of stone slab size larger paste.

4, pay attention to save the expansion joints outdoor ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive is suitable for within 5 ℃ to 40 ℃ environment is applied, the end of 24 hours later, just can enter or caulking.

about ceramic tile glue stick's message is to introduce you to them and to learn more knowledge of too ceramic tile also need to pay more patience. Hope that we know a lot.

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