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Ceramic tile ceramic tile can be used to decorate?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-12

in general, we will choose when decorate to decorate with ceramic tile, but others don't say ceramics can also be used to decorate? The relationship between the two is close, but very different purposes, so the current small make up is simple with a message to introduce! Hope I can help you answer.

1, generally is used for decoration, outdoor ceramic tile and ceramics is more used to the adornment of metope place such as, its itself is not direct contact with the blank wall, and to keep the corresponding distance between with metope. itself is also a good decoration features, but the form of a rectangular block on morphology, and ceramics completely different; In construction of ceramic tile, need to use the cement is fixed, and is properly filled by cement metope.

2. If you want to compare with the thickness of the two words, also has the very big difference, the thickness of the ceramics is very thin, is far less than the thickness of the ceramic tile, and fitted very light; Relatively speaking, the thickness of the ceramic tile is bigger, fitted very heavy. Because of this, both of the shop is stuck approaches are completely different. If ceramic tile with ceramics shop is stuck, immediately fall off from the wall; And ceramics tile shop sticks way, basically, its unique aesthetic feeling.

3, non-slip performance contrast also have bigger difference, because the main function of ceramics is used for decoration, in order to play a good decoration effect, ceramics surface is more smooth and more good-looking, this leads to the basic no skid resistance; is different, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is antiskid features very good kind of ceramic tile, so on the skid resistance, ceramic tile is far better than the ceramics.

4, the purpose of the overall speaking, if you do local adornment metope, ceramics is a good choice. Full of colour and lustre, the luminosity is good also, as a decoration can let you look more the metope of the grade. Of course if you are a blank wall to decorate, then still use ceramic tile is better. is strong, waterproof, prevent slippery, the characteristics of the impact resistant ability strong again.

this is some fundamental difference between the ceramic tile of ceramics, in a nutshell is a quite big difference, want to know more about outdoor ceramic tile related content welcome to continue to focus on website! Here are the most authoritative decorates information!

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